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The Level Scoop

So here’s the scoop. I’ll level with you . . . (seriously, you should try living with me. It gets worse!) . . .

The Level Scoop refers to a lot of years of a lot of measuring of a lot of things. Scoops and scales and measuring cups galore.

Plus I’ll give you the scoop on everything diabetes related going on in my life in bite sized chunks.

And finally, the level part. Well, as anyone with diabetes knows, things are not always level in our world. We do our best right? But we have a lot to think about every day to achieve that teeny-tiny, narrow margin they call ‘a good blood sugar level.’ If ever there were a case for moving the goal posts . . .

Not many people know about our super-powers. So, I made the info-graphic below, to show a few things us PWD’s have to think about on a regular basis:

(If any of the acronym’s below are unfamiliar to you, please ask Google - in relation to diabetes - and it will provide the answers!)

HormonesWeather %2F TemperatureBasal ratesBolus ratiosExercise Insulin PumpContinuous Glucose Meter (CGM)Flash Glucose Meter (FGM)Multiple Daily Injections (MDI)Rescue RemediesSleepStressGI of FoodsDual Wave Bo (5).jpg

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Multiplied by 10 + 1 and that about cuts it. Yes, we really are Super Heroes.

In this cosy little corner of the inter-web, I blog & vlog about type 1 diabetes. My hope is to pick you up if you’re having a bad diabetes day. Or week. Or however long it may last.

The diabetes community has always been there for me when I’ve been having one of those days and they’ve picked me up from some pretty low places.

Barry - The only person in my life who truly understands diabetes

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My Hubby, Barry, is an angel sent from heaven. It’s been confirmed several times. Especially when it comes to diabetes. He helps me complete set-changes and CGM site changes. He runs for the Jelly Babies when I slur at him for long enough. And he’s quite literally THE only person in my life I can chat liberally with about basal rates, bolus ratios or rebound high’s without a glazed expression rapidly appearing and a sudden subject change occurring. PWD’s - you know exactly what I’m talking about!

The man pays attention. He cares. He understands. And he lives this condition with me every single day.

If I ever apologise for anything diabetes related - like a low blood sugar which has kept him up all night, he always says the same thing:

”Never apologise for diabetes”

And that’s the end of that. I’m a very lucky lady. Even though Barry will (hopefully) never understand first-hand what it’s like to host diabetes - living with me and mine is a damn close second.

Foodie, Food, Food

Food you have been the boon and bane of my existence since I can remember.

Eating with type 1 diabetes, well it’s a make or break situation. And at times, it has almost broken me. I’ve tried a lot of things to get this chronic condition under best-est possible control. Diet books, food rules, under-feeding, over-feeding, weird edibles and so much more. You name it, I’ve probably heard of it or sampled it.

I studied and got myself a distinction in a nutrition qualification, hoping this would give me all the answers I needed. Not so.

Diabetes means perseverance, an iron will and the patience of a Saint. And even then, perfection is elusive.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a thing or two about what definitely doesn’t work for me. Which leaves me with some semblance of an idea of what does.

Diabetes - My Extra Parts

I currently wear a Medtronic insulin pump and a Dexcom CGM all day every day. Yes people all day.

Do I ever take them off? Well, this is surely a topic for a vlog because it’s one of THE most common questions I’m asked. Usually by middle aged, balding men who seem to have a strange glint in their eye as they drawl . . . “So you have to wear that ALL the time?”. Strange creatures.

Diabetes kit.jpg

While I’m getting things all set-up here - perhaps you’d like to read some old posts of mine. You’ll find them here, transferred across from my old blogging platform which was called Nestled Life.

Thank you for taking the time to read About Me and I hope to hear from you with any queries you have related to diabetes. Perhaps they’ll end up in one of my posts or videos very soon.

Claire x