My HbA1c Result is in . . .

If you have diabetes you almost certainly know what this test refers to. If not . . .

It refers to a Haemoglobin A1c test. This is THE gold standard test they use at the Hospital when you have diabetes. You will be regularly punctured and blood sucked from your veins (damn Vampires!) for this test.

An HbA1c measures the percentage of haemoglobin in the blood which has glucose attached to it. This gives an indication of what average blood sugar levels have been for around 120 days prior.

That’s right, they can actually spy on you using time travel with this test. You cannot hide!

It is usually carried out on People with Diabetes (PWD) prior to their diabetes check-up appointments.

It’s not 100% foolproof and there are factors which can skew the results, such as: a lot of hypos or rebound highs. But the Hospital should be having a good old chin-wag with us about blood sugar levels at our check-ups to rule these out.

And so my latest result is on a beautiful pink background below. Because pink makes everything better:

hba1c october 2018.jpg

Which is good!

For people without diabetes, they would be expecting to see a result below 6.0% (42mmol/mol).

With diabetes, the target they quote as ‘optimum’ is <7% (53mmol/mol).

So, the Hospital are happy with me for now - as long as there are not too many low blood sugar levels in there, which there haven’t been. Phew!

Until next year.