Happy National Diabetes Awareness Month!

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, which means Social Media is busy, busy, busy with everything diabetes related. Literally buzzing!

It’s so great to have such an amazing community of people to turn to when you have a chronic condition like diabetes. It provides incomparable support in times of diabetes burnout, plus we make each other laugh on a daily basis about some of the intricacies of living with this unusually challenging condition. No one understands diabetes quite like a fellow PWD.

Here’s a quick summary of the #happydiabeticchallenge I signed up for this November.

30 days of posting answers to the questions below, so fellow PWD’s can get to know each other better.

Days 1 through 4 . . .

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Day 1: Introduce yourself

Screenshot 2018-11-04 at 18.47.38.png

It’s NATIONAL DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH. Here I am introducing myself for #happydiabeticchallenge

Hey, I’m Claire and I write a blog over at www.thelevelscoop.com ❤️ 👋🏽 💪🏼 💙💙💙

I’ve had type one diabetes for 31 years (next week!) 🥂

Diagnosis was terrifying, as everyone I knew who went to Hospital - well - died. I clung to Mum for the entire Doctor’s appointment 😱

Since then, I’ve tried over 100 diets to try and get good control. Sometimes to the detriment of my health. I still like to experiment with food, but mostly I just love food! 🍗 🍕 🥘 🍔🍑🍆🌽🥐🥚🍳🥑🍞🥕🧀🍟🥗🍦🍫🍪🍩

Diabetes and all the counting, calculating and well - guessing - makes me a little obsessive sometimes 🤪

Very happy to have found a diabetes community! 😍

I use a #medtronic640g & #dexcomg4 at the moment. Hoping the Hospital will upgrade me to a #dexcomg6soon 🤩

I live in North Hampshire in the UK with my amazingly supportive Husband (he’s a #happydiabeticchallengeday 6 contender!), plus two new puppies, Jango & Kiki, and Ali, our cat 🐶 🐶 🐱

Hi everyone! #thelevelscoop👋🏽💙💙💙

Day 2: Type of Diabetes


I have TYPE 1 diabetes! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Day 3: Pens, Pump or MDI

Screenshot 2018-11-04 at 18.54.24.png

I’ve been on an insulin pump since February 2016 #medtronic640g. I really love my pump 💙

Hubby not so much when he gets “pump butt” as I snuggle him in the night! These things are attached to us pretty much 24/7! 💙

Best 3 things about having a pump? 💙

1) The flexibility of basal doses and less snacking needed for exercise 💙
2) It’s with me - always. Which makes me feel safe 💙
3) Hearing Hubby scream “pump butt” in the night! 😂😂 Gets me every single time!

Day 4: Diabuddies

I actually don’t have any locally 😳 ... so these are the guys I turn to when I’m in need of a diabetes pick me up! 


They all write very positively / honestly about diabetes, have fab Instagram accounts and ‘good vibes’ from all - (hopefully they don’t mind me borrowing photos of them from their accounts!) 💙

I only hope I can do the same for someone else someday. 💙

- And then Mike Cowan very kindly tagged me back as one of his online people! So flattered! -

Screenshot 2018-11-04 at 18.57.52.png
Screenshot 2018-11-04 at 18.58.07.png
Screenshot 2018-11-04 at 18.58.18.png

I truly appreciate being part of the online Diabetes Community and November highlights this for me more than ever.

I’ll keep you posted on other National Diabetes Month news in upcoming posts.

Wishing you all an amazing start to your week.