31 Year Diaversary

We made it! Me and my buddy diabetes have been residing in this body together since 1987 now. Yesterday was our 31 year Diaversary.

Here’s to us, old friend.


Hubby and I celebrated with toasted cheese sandwiches and coffee courtesy of Pret. Ahem, plus cake and a large glass of wine when we got home.

Here are my Instagram updates for Diabetes Month for Days 9 & 10 . . .

Day 9: Blood Sugar Roll Call

Day 10: Tattoos & Diabetes

This beautiful melancholic soul is mental health and diabetes related.

More info to follow on Day 13 of #happydiabeticchallenge

Another one I had many years ago was lasered off - at great pain and cost!

Having a tattoo spiked my blood sugars for a few days. My next inkings are booked with someone who uses natural-organic inks. Hopefully less spikes.


Today is Day 11, so I’m off to photoshoot my favourite low carb snacks! Updates later this week.

Wishing you all a restful, relaxing and reflective Remembrance Sunday.

Lest we forget.