Video Log: Bad Diabetes Night

Here it is! My first video ever. Don’t get too excited . . .

The lovely people at the Apple Store gave me a huge amount of training yesterday on videography and NONE of it features here!

So, prepare yourself for major improvements once I’ve been through my training notes.

However, content is King / Queen and this is more about sharing how crappy diabetes can be sometimes, in the hopes it helps others. Even after 31 years with diabetes, it still has the daily potential to knock you for six.

But we just get back up again and keep riding that pancreas impaired pony.

No make up. No styled hair. Not even showered. Video taken portrait, not landscape. Too much sunshine pitching in and sound quality is also not optimum. But, I see my errors and I’ll fix them one at a time now.

Here I am unedited, in my raw morning state after a really rubbish diabetes night.

I’m sure the suspense must be killing you . . . enjoy!

More videos of much better quality to follow, very soon!