Balance Magazine

I’ve been avoiding all things diabetes recently after a little spate of diabetes burnout. My version of burnout usually takes the shape of becoming completely overwhelmed and fed up with the persistent thinking about diabetes in relation to EVERYTHING I want to do in a day. A break from the blog and social media certainly helped. That and a good dose of spending time with the ones I love.

Workouts, walks, eating, gardening, taking a shower or bath, sleep, sitting down to watch television versus being more active, stress, basal rates, bolus ratios, protein/carb/fat ratios . . . they all require different strategies when it comes to dosing insulin. Getting it right is extremely tough sometimes and we have to remember this when striving for the perfection our medical team often set for us.

Sometimes you have to take a step back from the numbers and accept—as Barry reminded me—there is also a mental side to this diabetes game. Focusing on the numbers being ‘right’ all the time takes a huge toll on our happiness, which is equally, if not more, detrimental. And then there’s irony that stress triggers worse blood sugar numbers anyway!

There’s nothing like your own words to bring you back from the brink . . . On my Birthday, my article was published in Diabetes UK’s Balance Magazine and posted through my letterbox.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to write a column for the Spring Edition. We’ve been reading this Magazine since I was diagnosed in 1987 and yes, it’s still going! I received several Twitter and Instagram messages from people in the diabetes community who didn't realise it was still current.


For full transparency, as always—I was paid for the piece I wrote for Balance Magazine, but this is not a sponsored or affiliated post.

If you do want to find out more about Diabetes UK or sign up to receive Balance Magazine in the future, their membership page is here and the Balance Magazine comes as part of your membership package.

Have you ever suffered diabetes burnout? Let me know in the comments below, together with any tips you have for overcoming it.