Part 2 - Day in the Life

DISCLAIMER: Do not take ANYTHING you read here as medical advice or copy anything you read on The Level Scoop or other websites. You must speak with your healthcare team / diabetes specialist, as they are the only ones qualified to help you make changes.

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09:00: Jango & Kiki (the pups!) want to get up

I managed 2 hours of extra sleep, which will help stabilise my blood sugar levels. 

Diabetes stuff: Check blood sugar levels. They’re in range, so the correction dose I took earlier was correct. Dexcom says 5.0mmol/L. Blood test says 5.1mmol/L.

Cup of tea!

I bolus for the honey in my tea and take my insulin 5 minutes before I start drinking. Even with rapid insulin, it takes a little while to work for most people and honey is speedy. The extra 5 minutes spent picking up puppy poo (yay!) means I’ll be more stable blood sugar wise. Thanks so much you guys.

You’re welcome, Mummy.

You’re welcome, Mummy.

10:00: Breakfast. Super hungry! 
I have no desire to cook anything fancy. Or anything at all, in fact.

Toast. I can totally manage toast!

Diabetes stuff: Read the carbs on the packet and hope they’ve given carbs per slice not grams. Otherwise, scales & calculators at the ready. It’s really annoying when food manufacturers do this.

Thankfully, Marks & Spencer listed carbs per 2 slices. Guess what? I’m having 2 slices, because division by two at this time of morning . . . not gonna happen.

Thank you, M&S nutrition Angels

Thank you, M&S nutrition Angels

Blood sugar on Dexcom running at 7.4mmol/L and rising slowly. It’s prudent for me to eat my first slice of toast now and wait for the next one - in order to stop a peak after food. I bolus for both now.

For now, I get on with some light housework. 

Before I bolus, I consider 5 things: 

  1. What is my current blood sugar (do I need a correction dose)?

  2. What direction are my blood sugars headed according to CGM?

  3. How much Insulin on Board (IOB) do I have?

  4. How many carbs am I eating?

  5. Do I have any significant activity planned in the next few hours? (may reduce bolus dose if yes). If activity is after 2 hours I will usually reduce my basal rate instead and / or have a snack. 

Savoury first - to keep things stable - so butter and Marmite. Coffee with the next slice.

10:15: Get busy for 15 minutes
This helps blood sugars remain stable after food - but let’s be real - there’s stuff which needs doing!

Diabetes stuff: nothing too strenuous as I have insulin on board (IOB) ready for the second half of brekkie.

Here’s the kind of light housework I do: clean kitchen counter-tops, pick up and put away anything we left out last night, take the rubbish out to the bin, empty / reload dishwasher and clean the fridge ready for food shopping arriving later.

Quick check on my Dex and my blood sugars are stable at 7.3mmol/l, so I’m good to go on my second slice of toast. My insulin has a decent head start and I’m not heading in an upwards direction anymore.

Toast with honey and that all important coffee. 

separate cutlery - always!

separate cutlery - always!

The MOST important thing going on here? No one wants butter in their honey or honey in their butter or Marmite in anything except the Marmite jar. Be aware people and take the time to pick up a clean knife and a teaspoon.

11:00: Time for work
Writing, photo shooting and editing for The Level Scoop. Catch up on Instagram and the blogs I follow and leave comments on my favourite posts. Catch up on emails.

And on with Housework: get some washing hung up and some more on. Clean up after breakfast. Collect rubbish as today is bin day. Light vacuum. And wait for our Ocado delivery to arrive. 

No insulin adjustments just yet, as breakfast is still holding my blood sugars.

Damn it! I sat still too long again.

Damn it! I sat still too long again.

Diabetes stuff: Post meal level is 6.3mmol/l and steady. Great!

12:30: Restrain oneself from hugging the Ocado delivery man . . .
. . .when he asks me for ID for a large bottle of Pink Moscato. Yum! This hasn’t happened to me in years! Explain my real age is 38 (I know, I know) and make this face when he doesn't believe me!

Dear Ocado . . . Thank you. Yours forever, a (now) eternally loyal customer

Dear Ocado . . . Thank you. Yours forever, a (now) eternally loyal customer

Diabetes stuff: putting shopping away usually drops my levels, plus my insulin is peaking about now. It pays to know what time your particular brand of insulin peaks.

Solution? Get the fridge and freezer stuff away and then snack time! Dexcom says 5.6mmol/l and stable, but experience tells me this won’t last. Time for a cup of tea with honey + a some honey roasted cashews. No bolus this time, I’ll need these carbs for fuel. 

Up until 14:00
Typing this up and hard editing it to be less words than a thesis on diabetes management.

You guys have been inside my diabetes mind for long enough now. If you made it this far, you deserve a medal. I hope this gave an insight into some of the decisions we make on a daily basis and believe me, this was an unusually good morning diabetes wise.

The following day was an absolute nightmare in comparison, hitting the mid-teens after breakfast with the same carbs and similar activity levels.

Sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason with type one diabetes.

My final CGM blood sugar before lunch bolus decisions commenced? 4.9mmol/l and holding. Boo-ya.

I wish every day went like this.

I wish every day went like this.

A fantastic diabetes morning all in all.

And relax. Well, as much as a PWD ever can.

can I get away with going back to bed now? in the name of diabetes control?

can I get away with going back to bed now? in the name of diabetes control?