Diabetes Month - it's every month!

Diabetes is there every single day, week and month for PWD’s. But, for the rest of the world, November is the month where we raise awareness of what this condition is all about - in the hopes some of the common misconceptions surrounding diabetes may disappear forever.

Here’s my Instagram #happydiabeticchallenge catch-up for the last few days. We’ve had some fun:

Day 5: Diabetes & Style?

I’m not sure Diabetes has improved my sense of style much. It’s done lots of other things in my life ... but Coco Chanel it is not ...

I just kinda roll with the punches and pray my Dexcom patch of choice will match at least something I’m wearing?! 💙💙💙


Day 6: Biggest Supporter ...

My Husband, Barry 💙


This man knows more about T1D than even some of the medical staff I interact with, because he takes the time to listen and care. Plus he lives with me. The man needs patience!

We talk basal rates and bolus ratios over dinner some nights. He sticks me with the Dexcom needle every time because I’m scared of it and he even talks the dogs into distracting me first 🐶 🐶

He is the only person who looks me directly in the eye and asks “but how are YOU actually doing?” 💙


We wrangle this beast together and thank goodness. He knows how to handle me when I’m going through diabetes burnout. He knows what to do in an emergency. And he understands that if he eats all my 💙Jelly Babies 💙again and gives me apple juice instead when I ask for a hypo remedy, there will be no more packed lunches for work 😳

He also makes me laugh every time my insulin pump winds up roaming in the night, as he shouts “pump butt” at me! 😂😂😂

This man is my world and I’m so grateful for him and to him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Barry.

You have single-handedly changed this condition from a terrifying battlefield into an endurable playground

Day 7: The Bright Side

Most definitely writing my blog and connecting with other people with diabetes. I get to wear so many different heads, it’s my perfect job! Writer, editor, researcher, photographer, networker, web designer...and videos are coming soon. I love it! 💙💙💙


Day 8: Fav Diabetes Accessory 💙

It’s the Dexcom every time for me. It warns me in advance of highs and lows. It wakes me up and saves me from nighttime hypos. Most life changing piece of diabetes technology I have ever had.

The ‘right now’ numbers are meaningless without the arrows and all important alarms. I do appreciate not everyone has access to this kit and I’m very fortunate my Hospital pays for this. That’s why I’m so grateful for this device and secretly hope to have the G6 one day (because the G4 needle does hurt me, sorry Dexcom!) 


More updates to follow soon and my Dia-versary is this weekend too! I sense a celebration in the making.