Diabetes off the Leash

How was your weekend? I hope beautiful and sunny and full of action, like ours!

I received a letter this weekend from Medtronic about my 640G Insulin Pump. Sadly there is a product recall on some pumps due to potential audio / siren failure for important alerts. Mine is one of the affected ones.

If you’re at all concerned, they do have a helpline option specific to this problem, which you can get through to on the usual number. The people at Medtronic are always very polite and sort things out rapidly, so I really can’t complain.


We decided to head out on Sunday afternoon, as the leaves were turning golden and toppling from the trees like a confetti shower. Irresistible! Such a stunning day. Autumn has always been my favourite season.

Kiki (new puppy) is only allowed out in restricted zones at the moment, so we followed the vets rules and found a perfect local walk. As soon as her other jab kicks in she can go near water and all the other exciting places dogs love to roam.

Diabetes Off the Leash Considerations

As you know - with diabetes, you can never just ‘go out’. I checked my blood sugars 45 mins before we intended to walk and set a Temporary Basal Rate.

This means - less background insulin going in which should help to keep blood sugars more stable. Nothing diabetes related is an exact science, but I used a 50% rate for 2 hours. I also had a small snack as 5.3mmol/l with IOB was not quite right for the walk we had planned.


I knew we’d be out for a few hours and inevitably, on long walks, I end up having to snack. Any kind of exercise has a huge effect on my blood sugars. YDMV of course, so please don’t copy anything you see here.


Plenty of Rescue Remedies also packed. These are so important if you have diabetes. We cannot be anywhere without them at risk of . . . well, serious stuff like loss of consciousness - at best.

I swear, I’m only organised through absolute necessity. Thank you, diabetes.


Such a great time had with all my favourite . . . how to group them . . . creatures?! Loves of my life, let’s go with that!


Kiki refuses to look at the camera. She’s having her first proper photo-shoot this Saturday coming. I hope Kerry can capture her attention somehow!


Jango, however, is happy to stare at the camera all day long.


My blood sugars didn’t hold out for the entire distance, but it was a pretty long walk. This is where I’m so grateful for the Dexcom. I can glance at it anytime (without having to draw blood!) to see when I need to start chomping Jelly Babies - hopefully before a low happens.

We slowed down a little when my low levels hit. Perfect opportunity to take in our surroundings - so thank you diabetes. You give us so many special moments in those pauses.

Kiki still not looking at the camera!

Kiki still not looking at the camera!

On the way home, we grabbed a cuppa and Barry had a giant slice of Rocky Road cake. Of course, he only bought it in case my blood sugars dropped again. Ah-ha. Just like I had to taste test it, in case of poison. Ah-ha.


So, diabetes, we had a lovely afternoon taking you off the leash. You never hold me back from anything - you just cause me to pause, take stock and then off we go, with all your many needs considered.

Almost 31 years together now, old friend, and you still teach me new things everyday.