Fur Babies in the Snow

It finally snowed in the South! The weather app on my phone predicted it for around a week before it materialised.

We had two very excited pups who much to our amazement—love the snow!


Kiki (above) is much easier to clean-up after snow playtime, with her shorthair. Jango (below) not so much! It seems to stick to his fur and create a miniature snow-bear. There were a lot of towel cuddles.


Cats do not have the same appreciation for snow. Ali just wanted to stay inside for 3 days.


We built a huge Open-Pantry over the Christmas break. It’s so fantastic for food shopping as we can see exactly what we need. Plus it makes our kitchen feel like one of those rustic, independent Coffee Shops.

I realise why its best to keep all shelves fully stocked. Puppies and cats think it’s a new nook for them to hang out in.


The reality of when the snow melts and two puppies have buried little presents for 3 days straight in the garden. It’s a s***y job, but someone had to do it!


My latest purchase, which I simply have to share. A Mango water bottle! (not sponsored/affiliated)

We’ve been looking for a decent one for ages to take to the gym. But we are also avid tea and coffee drinkers in this household and not at all good at water drinking. The little time increments somehow make it motivating to stay on track with our hydration. This way, we get at least 1800ml of water each, per day. A drastic improvement on none at all, unless it’s hot and poured over tea/coffee.


Hopefully we’ll see some major cost savings on our Diet Coke, tea-bag and coffee-bag bill.

I can’t really call this a new year’s resolution, but it’s about as close to one as I’ll ever get. Did you make any late (or on time!) resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments.