Goodbye Nestled Life . . . Hello The Level Scoop

It’s make-over time here and my blog has been overhauled this weekend.


Because I finally decided to niche on the only topic which really lights me up when I write about it . . .

Type 1 Diabetes

It became obvious to me and my readers, that my writing is only truly engaging (!), energetic and fun when I write about the chronic condition which set up residency inside me 31 years ago this November. Illegal residency might I just add. It was completely uninvited.

somedays you just have to hold on tight and ride the roller-coaster.

somedays you just have to hold on tight and ride the roller-coaster.

Diabetes is not something us hosts can talk to just anyone about. Truly, and this is no slight on anyone - but . . . few people really get it. And why would they bother if they didn’t need to?

I’ve been living with it and studying it for 31 years and even now I learn new things. It’s like studying for a PhD every day of your life, yet the thesis is never going to be complete.

The Diabetes Community

PWD’s need a community and I’m here to add to the amazing one we already have out there. I’ll be sharing my experiences - the good, the bad and the completely bonkers - in regular videos and blog posts.

Thank My Lucky Stars

Type 1 Diabetes is a complicated beast and it takes a very special person to take the time to understand all the diabetes terminology out there. I have a Husband who thankfully has done just that. This means I have that special someone to turn to for support; someone I can talk basal rates with; and someone who gets what a square wave bolus is and will help me work out percentages and timings for a plateful of something very naughty.

But not everyone with diabetes has my Husband. Ha! No he is all mine - back off.

It’s so important to have safe platforms where we can talk about all the really complex parts of this condition. And all the ‘why the eff’s’. Why the eff am I so low today? Why the eff did I rebound high? Why the eff pizza, just why the effin’ eff?!

The Level Scoop

My new logo features chocolates (plural)  AND  coffee. Naughty or what?!

My new logo features chocolates (plural) AND coffee. Naughty or what?!

The Level Scoop refers to a lot of years of a lot of measuring of a lot of things. Scoops and scales and measuring cups galore.

Plus I’ll give you the scoop on everything diabetes related going on in my life in bite sized chunks.

And finally, the level part. Well, as anyone with diabetes knows, things are not always level in our world. We do our best right? But we have a lot to think about every day to achieve that teeny-tiny, narrow margin they call ‘a good blood sugar level.’ If ever there were a case for moving the goal posts . . .

And so, that’s me . . .

I hope The Level Scoop will become a safe place for PWD’s to come and feel understood. Together, we can have a giggle or a rant about some of the stupid diabetes sh*t we have to go through. And please share your experiences with me in the comments too, because there is always more to learn from each other.

Claire x