Goodbye November!

It’s the end of Diabetes Awareness Month and the last of the Instagram #happydiabeticchallenge posts for this year.


For those of us with diabetes—our condition continues. But that’s okay because we have each other for support, meet-ups and the odd pizza together. One day we will get those pre-pizza boluses nailed! 🍕🍕🍕

When you have diabetes, there is an obligatory awareness, which stretches far beyond the reach of November. This is an ever-present, ever-apparent and ever-complex condition.

I am overflowing with gratitude for Diabetes Awareness Month. The spotlight it places on this condition; the sometimes serious, sometimes whacky, but always magical social media posts; and the millions of meet-ups across the World are essential.

The power of social media - creating a global diabetes community

The power of social media - creating a global diabetes community

November gives those of us with diabetes a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. It helps fill the buckets for critical research funding. And it gives us a glittery sparkle of hope for the future of diabetes—meaning, hopefully there will be no future diabetes!

Here we go with my final ‘Happy Diabetic Challenge’ posts:

Day 26: Advice for Newbies

Day 27: Fav Testing Finger

Day 28: Diabetes & Technology

Day 29: Goals

Day 30: Beyond Diabetes

Next up . . . I’m trying every manipulation under the sun to get Barry on board with putting the Christmas deccies up now. Barry likes to wait until 2 weeks before Christmas, then take them down before he goes back to work. I’m all for putting them up the moment December hits, then taking them down the moment Christmas ends!

I even volunteered to watch Wallace & Gromit this afternoon, which Barry loves—something’s gonna work to get Christmas started early!