You won't believe how much has happened . . .

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind; so much has happened in the world of diabetes & me.

Since making the local press for the Superhero dress-up we did for JDRF - read blog-post here . . .

And visiting the Diabetes Professional Care Event at London Olympia - blog post here . . .


…Explore the magic of what’s happened, below.

Unintentional consequences to the maximum!

I’ll include my Instagram #happydiabeticchallenge photos for you too. If you’re in the diabetes community, reading these daily updates from people across the World reinforces the fact - all PWD’s are part of a most wonderful Tribe. Yeah, we’re pretty great:

An Interview with a Budding Journalist

We’re waiting for a go live’ on an Interview I did last Friday for Winchester News Online.

Paige was really excited by the Superhero dress-up we did for JDRF.

For me, it was a great first experience on answering interview questions for the media on T1D. Paige was lovely and so encouraging.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

An Interview with Roche

Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 13.39.16.png

Roche are a global leader when it comes to diabetes care. They are a huge pharmaceutical business and in the world of diabetes. And trail blazers when it comes to diabetes technology.

Yesterday, I gave a telephone interview to the Marketing Manager there to help them understand what it’s like to live with T1D. They use this to train their staff - which is so refreshing to hear.

A few of the questions made me smile and pause for thought afterwards:

Interviewer: “If you had to give one of these things up - your Pump or your CGM - which would it be?”

Me: Cue panic - “Take the pump. I cannot live without those CGM arrows!”

Interviewer: “If we could take your diabetes away tomorrow, would you want us to or is it such a part of your identity now you’d prefer to keep it?”

Me: “Nope, you can take my diabetes away right now please. Yes, it’s taught me so much, but no, I certainly do not need to keep it.”

Interviewer: “How would you educate people who don’t have diabetes on what it’s like to live with it?”

Me: “Half the battle is for people to WANT to know anything about diabetes. I don’t care about neuroscience, for example, because it has no relevance for me. If people ask genuine questions and really want to know, then you’re halfway there.

In which case - I’d tell them, it’s such an
invisible disease. We look fine on the outside. You simply cannot see the vastness of the planning, the thinking and the sheer brainpower diabetes takes from someone EVERY single day.”

That’s not all . . . at the end of this post - a very exciting G6 related thing is happening!!!

Instagram Days 15 - 20

Day 15: Diabetic Cost of Living

Well, I’m super lucky because my Dexcom G4 is NHS funded. My pump is NHS funded. In the UK, the NHS also provide prescriptions free of charge for PWD’s (from our taxes -of course)!

I’m so so so grateful and aware this is not the case in every country or even county. The costs which aren’t covered? Hypo remedies. Adhesive patches. My medical bracelet. That’s all I can think of! Let me know if I missed any?


Day 16: Your Motivation


My Motivation?


It’s you guys!


The diabetes community!

I hope my blog will help someone with diabetes through a tough time someday.

Like others have done for me. 💙

Day 17: Lick or Wipe?

This refers to after a blood glucose test - just in case it’s not obvious . . .


I’m definitely in the ‘lick’ fang club 😂😂😂 

Day 18: Society & Diabetes


Diabetes through the eyes of society...

Similar to my Roche interview answer above -

I wouldn’t learn about neuroscience unless I had to, so why would society ‘learn’ diabetes? 💙

Misinformation is rife. But as a community, we know and share the truth 💪🏼 Most people are amazing and ask pertinent questions rather than making sweeping, ignorant statements. 💙

If not - humour disarms ignorance & bullies. It teaches us stoicism and means our reaction to opinion won’t cause our blood sugars to spike. 💙

Day 19: Diabetes Essentials


For me it’s my iPhone and my Coffee 😳

With a side of insulin and all the other stuff we need to keep breathing, obvs 💙

iPhone for diabetes community and sanity. Coffee to have any semblance of awakedness!

Day 20: Where are you from?


We live in the countryside about an hour outside London.

Originally, I’m from a small market town called Romsey in the South of England. I love it where we are now!

And the BIG News?

I just found out today - I’m getting a Dexcom G6!!! I’m so excited I could cry



Fingers crossed I’ll be in possession of a Dexcom G6 as early as next week. And I can finally let go of my fear of the G4 needle - which I am just going to be brave and say - it flipping well hurts!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

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