Kaleido - the friendly, fashionable, futuristic Pump

Friendly? The team at Kaleido really are the warmest bunch around. Fashionable? You only have to glimpse the array of colours available to know - this is a piece of kit Coco Chanel herself would struggle to surpass. And futuristic? For sure. But believe it or not - this pump is a reality in the Netherlands right now and hundreds of people have switched over to Kaleido already.

I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to write this Guest Post with Kaleido to showcase their pump. A groundbreaking product which is sure to rock the world of insulin pumps on a global basis.

Already launched in the Netherlands, the Kaleido team are working hard to make their pump available in the UK in 2019. Watch this space.

This is not a paid review. I must admit though, I’ve been cyber-stalking them for quite some time. I fully intend to use my powers of persuasion on my Diabetes Nurse to make this pump a reality in my future.

Let’s think about what’s important to People with Diabetes

This is exactly what Kaleido do. Which speaks volumes.


Wearing an insulin pump is not so much a choice, as an option. There are always injections and they do the job just fine. But with diabetes, in 2018, we want the sleekest, simplest and safest delivery method out there.

Quite honestly - we want it all. And why shouldn't we?

We want to look good. We want a pump which is intuitive. And when it comes to our hectic schedules - we want function and we want it yesterday. In this day and age, life looks more-and-more like a film with the fast-forward switch continually pressed down. We simply don’t have time to mess around with complicated button pushing. We want a recognisable, responsive platform, similar to the leading phone technologies of today.

Kaleido have absolutely nailed it on all fronts. Not just our wants, but our needs too, are wrapped up like a Christmas present in this pump design.

Kaleido’s body patch and pump patch

Kaleido’s body patch and pump patch

A Company with Heart

Kaleido’s website alone will show you they have their customers’ needs at the heart of everything they do.

Their co-founder, Tim, had special insight into type 1 diabetes, as it touched the life of his Father.

But having this insight didn't mean Kaleido instantly knew what everyone with diabetes wanted. This is where they stand out from the crowd. They did what few Companies do . . . they asked us.

People with diabetes have been consulted from the very start of this journey. The pumps we see - lighting up their web pages today - are very much a reflection of their inclusive approach from the outset.

Live Life on Your Own Terms

I won’t lie. It’s a good looking piece of kit. But Kaleido have also captured something extraordinary inside these colourful little patches. Something I’m not sure anyone can equate the true value of . . .

They’ve captured our emotional needs. Freedom, peace of mind and our intrinsic need to just get on with life - even with diabetes in tow.

Kaleido’s sleek insulin cartridge

Kaleido’s sleek insulin cartridge

Kaleido have produced a pump which is:

  • Rechargeable - and it comes with two pumps, so one is always good to go.

  • Sleek, intuitive and responsive - just go to their website - you need to see the handset to believe it! Their handset has a colour display. Major plus! It’s a thing of absolute beauty and it’s super intuitive. Less clicks = more time to get on with our days. And both pump and handset connect to Bluetooth®.

  • Patch Style, if you so desire - you can choose from long tubing or short tubing. So, effectively the pump can be worn like a patch pump. Perfect!

  • Compact - size matters when it comes to pumps and the smaller the better. This pump is discreet at only 1.25cm x 5cm x 3.5cm and weighing in at just 19 grams.

  • Fast - to match our busy lives - Finally, they’ve even tackled the age-old problem of infusion set changes soaking up too much of our precious time. With Kaleido, you fill the insulin cartridge and prime in one go. From there it is a matter of clicking in the cartridges and getting hooked up. See their product video below for more.

How do I find out more?

Have a good browse of the Kaleido website and prepare to be wowed.

If you want further information - drop the team at Kaleido an email. Be prepared for a warm, friendly response. You’ll be made to feel like part of the family.

And finally, put the idea forward to the diabetes team at your local hospital. This is my intention. If we can get them on board, Kaleido could be something we all have access to on the NHS very soon.

Thank you to the Kaleido family for their valued input on this post.

You can also check out fellow diabetes blogger, Jen Grieves’ blog post on Meeting the Colourful World of Kaleido, here.