London Olympia - Diabetes Professional Care

They let me into the Diabetes Professional Care Event up in London Olympia last week - on account of my Nutrition Diploma and a press pass because of The Level Scoop. Very lucky lady that I am, I was free to roam the exhibits and conferences to my heart’s content.


Next door was the highly ironic Pizza & Pasta Show - which, truth be told, I soooooo wanted to visit too. Sadly, I did not have any Culinary Certificates to hand 😂


I’m not here to share loads of statistics. There were so many of them in all the talks. But very few stuck out for me - because I’m quite the skeptic when it comes to studies and the potential for study bias. It’s simply not my thang.


And I’m not here to share detailed information about new technologies to market either. Not today - but in the future I will touch on them when I visit events like these.

Take a look at the Roche Eversense if you would like to know what Roche have been working on. They received the award of the year for their amazing piece of new CGM technology.


Nope. If you want technology - this is the guy you need to follow. My new Diabuddy - Nerdabetic. One of the friendliest, most humble and technologically advanced people you will ever meet.

I saw Nerdabetic, A.K.A. Kamil, bolus (take insulin) using his phone & facial recognition several times! Absolutely magical.


Nope. I’m more of a ‘love meeting new people’ kinda Gal’. So, I’m here to say -

I loved the Conferences. I loved the big diabetes brands. I walked right up to all of the big players and quizzed them on what they’re up to and where they see the future of diabetes.

But most of all . . .


I loved meeting other people with diabetes. That’s my big take-away from the day. I will never forget it.


I waltzed right up to these guys and introduced myself. Thankfully, they realised I wasn’t some random stalker!

They let me tag along with them at the Conference and I was fortunate enough to meet the Roche representatives, who may ask me to get involved with future events. Fingers crossed!

And from that point forwards - I felt like one of the team.

It always amazes me how this condition brings people together so fast. We all ‘get’ the nuances of diabetes. We understand the day-to-day. None of us are afraid to say we break down in tears sometimes because of it. But every single one of us is working on something positive to benefit the diabetes community.

And instantly, I find myself blessed with several new friends.

Thanks diabetes!


I will touch on ‘lopping’ in a future blogpost. We are attending a meeting soon to find out more about this. Google ‘looping and insulin pumps’ if you’re not sure what it is.

This time last week we thought it was about the most scary / stupid thing someone with diabetes could do.

And then we opened our minds and ears - and learned and listened.

Next week we could be building our very own artificial pancreas! Exciting stuff.