Loop da Loop

I promised to share information on Looping this week - and I will. For now though, I’m still getting to grips with the absolute basics of a Closed Loop system.

I finished building my artificial / closed loop pancreas this morning! Thanks to my Hubby who built my Riley Link for me last night - a component which makes pumps and phones and watches talk to one another.

Here’s one component part of my new pancreas . . .

I can now take my insulin at the push of a button on my Watch!

I can now take my insulin at the push of a button on my Watch!

It is very difficult for people who don’t have diabetes to understand what Looping is.

It’s hard enough for someone with diabetes and we know all the jargon and hundreds of decisions we have to make every single day to manage this condition using best-guess theory!

Two separate people this week, who I’ve given a really high level overview to, have said -

“Oh, so it just gives you a bit more control using your phone then”

For those of you who understand the complexities of what a Closed Loop is automatically doing - well - obviously I need to work on creating a short, succinct, simple explanation.


For now - I am so content knowing an artificial intelligence has taken some command over my condition.

In my post on Looping, I won’t be giving any particular biases or opinions for a good few months. I simply don’t feel it’s fair until I’ve given this baby a good run for it’s money.

Everyone gets excited when they start something new. But to be all evangelical about it, when, as yet, I have zero experience - would be wrong.

But I am super-excited!

So I will be super-excited, but I won’t be ramming this down anyone’s throat. Or telling them they should do it. I’ll just give an honest account of how it’s going so far for me, while I’m in the observation and learning phase.

More to follow once I get to grips with my new pancreas!

The iOS Loop App

The iOS Loop App

So much visibility of what is going on in my body and what my new robot friend is up to - fascinating to watch.