When Magic & Wormholes Happens

I read a book recently called Slipstream Time Hacking - by Benjamin B. Hardy. In his book, Hardy discusses how to measure your life using distance rather than time. Doing this means you can jump further along the timeline of life. So you fit more in! Time is so precious.

Sounds unreal? Well, I thought so too. Until now.

As I glance back over the past few months of my life, it’s as though I’ve leapt through wormhole* after wormhole; accelerating my speed towards my various destinations at an unbelievable rate.

*A wormhole gets you where you’re going faster - in Hardy’s analogy.

Diabetes Wormholes are Everywhere!

There are meet up’s everywhere. An online community which is literally the most amazing, supportive and educational around. And so much technology - it’s mind-blowing 🤯

In tomorrow’s blog post, I’ll be sharing information on Looping. iOS Closed Loop to be specific.

I was so closed minded to this only a few weeks ago. I thought anyone doing it must be a reckless, risk taking mad-person.

And then we decided to listen, learn and understand. We walked away with knowledge on all the safety features, the amazing Artificial Intelligence behind running a loop and yesterday, we started to build my closed loop artificial pancreas! Words I never thought I’d write.

Diabetes Awareness Updates

It’s still Diabetes Awareness Month (I Love November!) - so here are my #happydiabeticchallenge updates for you.

I love doing these daily Instagram photos and posts:

Day 21: Exercise & Diabetes


This is my favourite workout DVD. It’s the one for Anxiety.

I 💙 gentle exercise best. Sure, I lift weights sometimes. I walk the dogs. And (prob not often enough) we hit the more intensive cardio. But adjusting insulin for exercise is tough and I’m sooooo sensitive to even a short walk. 

QiGong has the best effect on my mental health and the least effect on my blood sugars. And the best part?

I look forward to it 💙 Which is what it’s all about, right? 

Day 22: What are you thankful for?


It’s my man, every time. Love him to pieces and he makes every day a fun, giggly and engaging place to be.

Even when Diabetes sucks . . . which is often! 💙💙💙

Day 23: Blue Friday!


💙💙💙 I may be dressed head to toe in blue, but I’m not feeling at all blue today!

My FIRST EVER Dexcom G6 arrived in the post! 🥳🥳🥳

Training Monday then I’m good to go!

Day 24: Favourite Diabetes Book


This book is great for the detail on how we literally have to think like we are our pancreas. Damn fine organ that it is. Miss you my darling pancreas 😘

Anyway, yes, favourite diabetes book! Really helps you to fine tune the minutiae

Day 25: Diabetes Hero


Growing up, my Gran always used to tell me that Sir Steve Redgrave had diabetes too and look what he was achieving!

So, Sir Steve is my diabetes hero and always will be 💪🏼 thanks to my Grandma Peg - bless her soul 💙💙💙

Tomorrow - My London Looping Event . . .

It was a fantastic day up in London. Tomorrow, I’ll give you the lowdown on what looping is - from a complete beginner’s perspective.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday 😊