Reality Bites

I see The Level Scoop as a place people with diabetes can come for a pick me up if they’re feeling down. But I’ve realised over the past few weeks—diabetes also sucks and sometimes, for both myself and others, I need to share this side of things too.

People writing blogs aren’t having an easy ride of it—even if we do try to make life sound positive for the most part. I’m certainly not smiling all the time when it comes to Diabetes or Hashimotos. Somedays it feels like hell on earth. If my posts make it seem otherwise, please know it isn’t always rainbows and sunshine here.

The last few weeks have been tough. I’m shattered beyond any kind of shattered I’ve ever felt before. Maybe it’s just the Hashimotos playing up—highly likely. Still, I’m doing my best to ignore the fatigue which feels like it’s grabbed all my energy, packed it in a suitcase and taken it on a round the world trip without me. Hurry back though, please!

The diabetes nurse booked me in with the doctor this week, as my diabetes control doesn’t warrant any concern. But my thyroid levels may have changed or any number of minerals or vitamins could be running low, so they plan to run a full blood panel. Iron is a distinct possibility as my last test was verging on the low side. But there’s no point in guessing until we know how my thyroid is doing.


I can do self pity quite happily for about a morning, before I get bored and have to come up with an action plan. Usually this involves exercise or nutrition changes or both. So Hubby and I have started doing Qi-Gong every day, which is an ancient Chinese breathing and movement technique. It’s the only exercise I’ve known to help instantly with anything and is something I learned about many years ago when studying for my massage qualifications.

Qi Gong has some magical and unexpected effects. Both of us came out of our first session with some distinct physical and emotional changes which blew our minds. Qi Gong is a form exercise, but not like any other exercise you’ve experienced. It’s certainly not an exercise we dread in any way; we actually look forward to doing this one!

Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 11.30.56.png

Lee Holden (above) is our Qi Gong Master of choice. He studied with Master Mantak Chia (below) in Thailand—who is renowned in the world of the Tao. Lee uses acupressure points as well, which have always fascinated me since I tried acupuncture a few years ago. I wasn’t a fan of the acupuncture needles as I’m a sensitive soul, but acupressure points are a fantastic alternative.

I stayed in Chiang Mai only a few minutes away from the Tao Garden, which is Mantak Chia’s Spa, when I visited Thailand, but sadly I never visited his health resort. Hopefully one day Hubby and I will visit Chiang Mai together.

So that’s us at the moment. Learning a lot more about the Tao and Qi Gong and, for me, trying to get through feeling—in short—chronically fatigued.