See you in 2019!

Sorry for my absence over the last week. I’ve been fully immersed in the Christmas festivities and spending time with Hubby, who has a rare break from work. I’m drinking in every moment with rapture.

Merry Christmas to all my readers. Thank you for making 2018 such a wonderful year and The Level Scoop such a success.

I’m on Christmas Break with Hubby right now on social media blackout - well almost. I still have to check in from time-to-time because it’s where all my recipe inspiration comes from!

We’re having a time out from it all until January 3rd. This weekend we are building a pantry in the kitchen, so I’ll have oodles of photos when I’m back. I’m literally so excited I may burst. The prospect of filling our newly built pantry with culinary delights is all the Christmas I need.

Have a wonderful New Year and see you all soon.

Ooh, one quick important thing - I’m switching Newsletter provider in the next week, so if you are subscribed to The Level Scoop, the next post will detail how to sign up again if you still wish to receive emails. Most people follow me on Instagram or simply log in of their own accord, but subscribing gives you the heads up when a new post is live, if you so desire.

May the blood sugar fairies be with you and keep you all stable throughout the chaos which is Christmas deliciousness.