My whole Family went Superhero for me!

I’m writing this post to highlight the fantastic work the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) do. And to get more people on board for their inspirational take on World Diabetes Day on the 14th November . . .

It’s JDRF Superhero Day!

Please hop over here to have a read about what JDRF do. This charity has been around since just before I was diagnosed with T1D, way back in the 1980’s.

The JDRF website is the first place I visit for support, information and to have a peek at what’s going on in the world of diabetes research.

Back to Superhero Day . . .


Naturally, Barry and I really wanted to dress up as Superheroes and Sue at JDRF just gave us a great reason to do so . . . and insisted Kiki and Jango join in the fun too. How could we possibly refuse?!

Getting Superheroes into their costumes is not an easy task - especially when they don’t quite fit as intended. “Princess” Kiki still rocked her costume and loved romping around in it for the remainder of the afternoon, with it mostly hanging around her ankles!


Don’t let her photo face fool you - she was pretty sad when she had to take her costume off.


Jango only has two poses for photos: smile or sulk. We have one of each here!


And I suspect someone else had been practicing his Superhero face in advance of our photoshoot. Scary, right?


Evidently, me not so much!


This is my favourite workout leotard - which doubles as a Superhero outfit. It stands for Wake Up & Squat. Not ‘wuss’ as my Mother-in-Law thought when she saw our photos. (I actually prefer the comedy value of wuss though)!

It took me a little longer to get my hero look right. Pump and Dexcom on my utility belt, naturally.


And a pink Stayput™ Patch to compliment my pink Superhero mask. Even diabetes accessories can be co-ordinated nowadays!


You can read all about JDRF’s Superhero Day here and drop them an email to let them know if you’d like to get involved.

What will we be doing on 14th November?

Well, we hope this blog post will raise awareness for JDRF in advance of their big day.

We will simply have to sport our Superhero outfits again, surely?

And we will make on online donation to continue to support this wonderful charity.

Let’s finish this blog post with a classic model to camera over the shoulder pose. Bam!


Thank you to all the Superheroes in my day-to-day life with diabetes for giving me the support, love and patience this condition needs.

*This is not a sponsored post and no affiliate links.*