Taking a Break

I posted this on Instagram and now I have computer access and the time to sit down for a few moments - I’m sharing it here too. It seems most of the action is on Instagram nowadays!

This is a quick post to give an exciting update (see end of this post) and let you know I’m taking a little break from everything technological for a few weeks. Phone, social media and blog. Please don’t be concerned if I don’t get back to you in my usual timeframe.

We all need to take an occasional time out from this crazy, permanently hooked up world we live in. More and more people are coming to question the impact of social media of late, I notice.

Hubby has broken his foot in two places so he has to take it easy. Foot elevated. No movement. Lots of frozen peas! Not easy for someone who hates sitting still. He’s doing great though—typical Barry—he’ll be fighting fit in no time. Can’t keep a good man down.


Exciting Diabetes & Driving Update: If you are based in the UK and use a Continuous Glucose Meter or Flash Glucose Meter to view your glucose levels, there is BIG news from the DVLA. Check out this document for full info on when you can use your Flash / CGM to check levels instead of finger-prick blood tests.

This is great stuff.

Back soon!