Why I Eat Live Frogs in Bed Every Morning

Happy Halloween!

I felt a shock and awe title was the best way to go today. So, here we are starting off a frosty Wednesday morning talking about eating live frogs. In bed. In relation to diabetes? Yeah!



Perhaps you’ve heard this saying before:

Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you all day”

It’s a Mark Twain quote - and one of my favourites.

The true meaning refers to task management . . .

If you have a challenging task to complete, do it first thing and nothing worse is going to happen to you for the rest of the day. Be sure to prioritise it FIRST though. Otherwise, inevitably it won’t happen.

Small rocks (tasks) will fill the space where the large rock should go and they won’t budge. If the large rock gets in there first, smaller ones will do their thing and naturally wriggle around it.


Plus, we all know what it’s like to have something daunting hanging over us all day. It kinda wrecks your day. It lurks in the back of your mind, like a tap, tap, tapping which just won’t let up.

How I eat my Live Frog in Bed Every Morning

I tackle the tyrant. I mangle the monster. I wrangle the werewolf. Before I even get out of bed.

Yeah. I’m pretty bad-ass.

Diabetes is the challenging task for many of us and it’s a daily one, which isn’t going away any time soon.

The live frog? For me, it’s my daily review process. I take a few moments to ‘eat it’ first thing each day.

It’s a process which may help me to wake up again tomorrow, so it’s definitely my live frog.

It can range from looking for patterns in my blood sugars, if they’ve been off kilter, to keeping track of a dual or square wave which went well or not so well. Sometimes I mentally review how exercise went in relation to blood sugars or how I managed a good night’s sleep - because with diabetes this can be highly elusive.

But no matter what, I always eat my live frog before leaping out of bed. Ribit.

This Morning’s Live Frog

I promise, no blood or gore or legs in sight. Not even mine.

I had a great night of blood sugars after eating Chinese for dinner. For the first time ever. Well worth a live frog review the next morning because this NEVER happens.

PWD’s will know, take-out is one of THE most challenging boluses we face. But I had stable like Mable blood sugars all night.


My simple live frog breakfast comprised:

  • Taking photos of what I did with my bolus

  • Adding these photos to Notes on my iPhone

  • Et voilà . The next time we order Chicken Chow Mein, I have a template. Not that it ever goes exactly the same way - but worth a try.

I use this system a lot. Notes on iPhone is my saviour when it comes to diabetes reviews.

So there we have it. Live frog slayed for the day.


Have a fantastic Halloween!