Happy World Diabetes Day 2018!

It’s been a whirlwind week. Everything from making the local press to tasteful and artistic NAKED photoshoots for Diabetes & Mental Health Day. Yes indeed. It’s all been happening here! All photos are revealed in this post 😳

Today, I’m in head-to-toe blue to celebrate World Diabetes Day (WDD). Check out my charity shop snag from the weekend. This magnificent blue hat was brand new, labels in and is so perfect for WDD! Paired with a sparkly blue Christmas Jumper no less.

Have you got your blue on today?


Day 11: Low Carb Snacks

I am not a low carb person. I 💙 me a carb! But here are some low carb ideas if I’m just not in the mood to mess with perfection and take a bolus . . .


My favourites are:

  • Cheese

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Cashews (honey roasted - naughty!) 

Day 12: Lancet Change Monday

If you’re not in the diabetes community - just know the running joke is, we don’t change our finger-pricking device lancets half as often as we should. Or maybe even less than that!


I’m lucky mine holds 6 and you just click it onto the next lancet. All sealed as well.

But I’m not telling how long it stays on number 1 sometimes 😳😳😳 


Day 13: Diabetes & Mental Health

The photos below are of me - in the pose of the tattoo I have on my shoulder blade. Naked. Yes. You have no idea how long it took to get a viable photo!

This is how I feel sometimes with this condition. And when you see the numbers below related to the Mental Health effects of Diabetes, so do many others.

I experience diabetes. I experience social anxiety. I experience cycles of recovery from an eating disorder.

But it’s okay. Through vulnerability comes strength. And the online diabetes community is THE BEST! 💙

photo 1.jpg

‘3 in 5 people experience emotional or mental health problems as a result of diabetes.’


My tattoo is on my back for a reason. She is behind me; but she will ALWAYS be there. She reminds me of what I’ve been through. 💙


And then we made the Newspaper!

Kiki made the front page. She is handling the fame quite well so far! 😂 She is requesting an Agent and a Make-up Artist, but other than that . . .


Absolutely stunning photo of me . . .


Hopefully our crazy dress-up has helped raise awareness for JDRF’s Superhero Day for World Diabetes Day - today!

Happy World Diabetes Day!

A BIG thank you to everyone in the Instagram and Twitter online diabetes communities for their magnificent posts, hilarious photos and for all the more serious shares too. The support people offer and receive is incredible.

Like the headline I was quoted on above, the online community helps me remember:

‘We are not alone in this.’

Wishing you all a fantastic World Diabetes Day 2018!