Breakfasts Lately

Oats for breakfast are great, although in honesty, they do screw up my blood sugars unless protein and fats accompany them and portions are kept small. Sometimes though, I just need stodge!

Although I grab the ready-made pots occasionally, I love to make porridge from scratch when I have the time. It really doesn't take long so there's little excuse.

Here's a ready-made one. I like the Honey and Vanilla flavour best.

Quaker Oats 1.jpg

And, as we try really hard to make most of our food from scratch nowadays, here's my own banana oatmeal topped with salted, roasted almonds and cashews. Perfect breakfast inside of 10 minutes and a fraction of the cost.


I use rolled Scottish Oats, add a chopped ripe banana, plenty of almond milk and some cinnamon. Heat and stir for about 4-5 minutes and serve once it reaches your desired consistency. I love to keep some bite sized pieces of banana in there for a sweet kick every now and again.

Other breakfasts have been a little more naughty and less homemade, but good for the soul. Pain au raisins, served warm with blush oranges. 

Pain Au Raisin.jpg

Pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, served with scrambled eggs and oranges. And coffee, of course!

Pancake & Eggs 2.jpg

And we tried a pre-mix pack of waffle mix, which came out  pretty great. I really like making my own mix best, using ground oats and fruit, eggs and almond milk. It's really easy and almost as quick.

Waffles 2.jpg

Barry loves waffles as his commuters breakfast. It is usually topped with banana, bacon, sausage and a little syrup for the train ride to London. Yes, he has odd combinations sometimes!

What have you been eating for breakfast lately?

*This is not a sponsored post.*