Hot Weekly Coffee Date

We love coffee. Forget date night, this is the moment we look forward to all week. Staring into each others eyes over the centre island, with a mug full of freshly brewed, real coffee. And maybe a bacon sandwich too (wink emoji to the max).

Even after all these years together, there's something truly special about a good cuppa coffee, enjoyed together. Cheers!


During the week, Barry will sometimes grab a coffee up in London and if I find time, I'll make a real coffee for myself at home. But, more often than not, Barry will make an instant in a flask for the train-ride and I'll have the same for ease and speed. 

Last year we found and fell in love with the AeroPress, after trying lots of different cafetieres, machines and pods. 

Here's our Saturday morning date kit! 

All the best ideas seem to be simple and well-constructed and the AeroPress hits the mark. Every component part is well-made and thought out. It is a plastic coffee maker, which sits over your mug and brews the most delicious coffee, through a filter paper - so no gritty bits at the bottom. The result is a very clean, smooth coffee in no time at all.

The best part? The clean-up is so easy, quick and well . . . clean! It simply pushes all the grits and paper straight out into your bin with no mess. Except for the time when Barry missed the bin and it went all over the kitchen floor. We still laugh about this every time the AeroPress comes out. But usually, so clean! You can rinse and wash up in seconds.

We both love Union Coffee, since we stumbled across it in a shop when visiting Cornwall a few years back. It is coffee without any of the usual bitterness. This is our favourite coffee to date. We keep trying new ones, but always seem to gravitate back to Union.

We differ on which variety we love best though. My favourite is their Timana coffee.


While Barry is a House Blend man.


Syrups are a must for any good coffee bar. I am into Vanilla Syrup at the moment and Barry likes the Caramel, which smells divine.

The La Perruche cane sugar is just really pretty in the sugar bowl. It's very natural looking and every cube is a different shape and size.

Interior Design wise, we decided to go a little industrial in our new kitchen.

This light above our centre island.


Our table has an industrial edge too.

And the coffee bar. Rustic wood with industrial pipes and butchers' hooks, made to order.

Coffee Bar 1.jpg
Coffee Bar 2.jpg

Every room should have something quirky to spark interest and throw some personality in the mix. I always think it relaxes people when they see more of you in your home. A decent splash of spontaneity!

We were concerned about mixing styles, as our house is a new-build and quite 'elegant' when you see the fixings they chose. But after reading several interior design guru's books, the best ones were all mixing styles in their rooms and they looked great.

Barry also has this Coffee machine with a great coffee pod drawer underneath, which he uses for extra coffees on the weekends and for guests.

There we have it, hot date, hot Husband and a hot cuppa, every week. Same time, same place, same delicious coffee. Heck, we even dress up for the occasion sometimes.

The simple things are the most fulfilling and memorable.

How do you take your coffee?

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