Spring in our Step

The weekend was deliciously warm here. We're having a wave of glorious spring weather. About time England! We found a long walk within sensible driving distance and planned to head out later in the morning.

We finally walked to our local bakery to pick up some really naughty breakfast treats. We definitely needed a long walk after these.


This was my one. So much cream, it was delicious. I ate about half and saved the rest for later. This is a rare treat! 


Here we are ready for our walk. I had worn completely the wrong footwear, as I was about to find out. Even though the skies were sunny and it was beautifully warm, the ground was still really wet and boggy. All the locals we met were wearing wellies or hiking boots. Not me! I wore my trusty sandals.


There were so many fields full of cows and mama's with their lambs. We walked right through them all, trying not to disturb them, following the directions.


So hungry at this point! Time for lunch - with a view. Ham, Dijon mustard, cheese and tomato baguettes. They were so welcome and a little squashed from being in the backpack.


A bench with a great view.


The river we were following kept reappearing throughout our walk, so at least we had an idea we were on the right track. We were amazed to find a Butchers next to the river in the middle of nowhere. If only we were closer to the car at this point!


We met some locals to the area, who gave us tips on other walks and different ways back to the car, should my footwear not be up to the task! We had just picked our way through a field full of cows, which fortunately turned out to be the muddiest part.

There was also a local pub they recommended for another day. Today they were hosting a Wedding, so it was booked out.

We inherited our new friends dog for the next few miles! He even stopped and waited for us as we took photos.


Such beautiful views all the way round.


And these Thatched Cottages are apparently the longest residential row of thatched housing in the UK.


Back to the car finally and off home - exhausted!

I found the box of strawberries I had chopped up ready for our backpack and completely forgotten to take. We sat in the garden and enjoyed these with a cup of coffee. 


Dinner needed to be full of calories and fast. We were pretty hungry after our walk.

We had roasted duck with hoisin sauce and pancakes and refreshing spring onion and cucumber. It really hit the spot.


We can't wait to get out again now the weather is picking up. We both adore walking and picnicking on the way round.

Have a great week!

*This is not a sponsored post.*