A Little Somethin' Sweet

I love a pudding and lucky for me, the nurses at the Hospital taught me how to adapt my insulin to accommodate all the exciting types of food out there. Sweets included! Who'd have thought this possible 30 years ago when I was first diagnosed? The training really was all the bells and whistles.

HIGH FAT: If I have a hankering for high fat foods, maybe pizza and ice cream, then I use my insulin pump to spread the delivery time, so it's dripped in slowly, in the same way foods like this digest for me. 

LOW FAT - SWEET: But, if I fancy a really sweet food, with much less fat - like a meringue for example or a sweet sorbet, I take my insulin a little while before I start eating, to give it a head start. A pre-bolus as it's known.

If you have diabetes, please contact your own healthcare provider as your diabetes will definitely vary!

Bonne Maman.jpg

All this fancy training aside, I like little sweets! But it's a rare day that sees me craving a huge mound of dessert. Just a taste is more than enough.

Here's some of my favourite tastes of sweetness. 

These Bonne Maman mousses are great. So light and summery A few spoonfuls and they're gone.

The Chocolate Ganache Gu Pots. Oh, my! Mine! Back up.

These seem tiny when you first buy them, but they pack such a rich and creamy chocolate punch. One really is all you need.

Gu Pot 2.jpg

As far as milk chocolate goes, the Lindt ball is where it's at for me. Buttery filling and thick chocolate casing, they are the perfect bite sized bomb of sweetness with a cuppa.


And finally, my dark chocolate weakness. This is pretty much THE only dark chocolate I will eat. There's just something about it. The texture, the taste. It's everything decent chocolate should be. And it's a UK supermarket own brand! I must re-stock.


It's pretty dark at 85% cocoa content, yet it hits that sweet spot head on. Oh, yummy! Just a square or so is more than enough to take away any / all cravings in a snap. 


Apparently, we're set for a warm Bank Holiday weekend here. Can you believe it? I will when I see it. Fingers' crossed for sunshine and ice cream. Another treat which can be served small, if my willpower holds out.

*This is not a sponsored post.*