Ivan Ramen

I've been watching way too much Chef's Table recently. Switch over to Netflix and just let 'em roll. Some of the episodes are so thought provoking and you will get whipped up into the Chef's inspiring and super-focused foodie world without realising it.

This week I was watching Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen. What a guy! It was no good, after watching Ivan, literally nothing else was going to do for dinner now - it HAD to be Ramen.

I had a look through the freezer, cupboards and fridge and figured I could make something Ramen like. It was never going to be as amazing as Ivan's creations. This Chef puts weeks into preparing stocks and fats and the perfect umami toppings.

But, it turned out pretty amazing anyway. I literally threw in whatever we had and copied an egg recipe Ivan had online for perfect runny eggs to top it off.

This is not a recipe post - as I worked off the cuff, not measuring anything!


I cut two chicken breasts finely and fried them off until they browned a little. I then grated some fresh ginger into the pot and cooked it off for a minute or two with some spring onions.

I added a couple of large chicken bone broth cubes we had in the freezer and some water.

Next up, I chopped the veggies we had in the fridge to add nearer the end: sugar snap peas, mini corn, leeks and fresh carrot and parsley to go over the top.

Mushrooms - ooh, we had mushrooms! I browned these in a frying pan and added them to the mix for some umami taste. I added a splash or two of soy sauce, for a bit more umami flavour.

And finally, I found some dried noodles in the cupboard. Perfect. 

Egg trick. You will have to look up Ivan's recommendations, but it was exactly 6 minutes and 10 seconds in boiling water, with a pin pushed through the bottom of my egg. Never done that before, but wow! It worked. I dunked the egg into an ice bath and it held it's runny middle while the rest of the meal cooked.

Lime, parsley, fresh carrot, coriander and chilli flakes to finish.


Delicious Ramen! Thank you Ivan for the inspiration.

*This is not a sponsored post.*