Sign of Spring

Another spring title! This one refers to the unusual drink Barry picked out when we popped out for Sunday Roast last weekend. Green Ale! My eyes nearly popped out when he came back to the table with this. Stonehenge Ales added a drop of green magic to their brew to make this seasonal, springtime Ale. It was aptly named - Sign of Spring.


A traditional English Roast dinner to go with this interesting concoction. Barry went for Lamb and Beef with a giant Yorkshire Pudding, which he generously shared with me. And roast potatoes.

I went for the Roast Lamb, which was ambitious enough.


Plenty of veggies and fresh mint sauce, which was delicious, and horseradish for the beef.


All I could think of was Shrek for the rest of the meal!


Of course, I had to have a taste. Eyes closed, I would never have known. It tasted quite mild and smooth. Not bad for such a strange looking brew. I stuck to my gin and tonic!

*This is not a sponsored post.*