Tuna Crunch

It's really starting to warm up outside now, although this is England, so it's still playing hot one day, cold the next. Lighter foods are slowly creeping into our fridge. I love anything where there are leftovers and Tuna Crunch is a great potato and sandwich filler at this time of year.

Here's the fresh veggies I chopped to go in the mix yesterday. Tri-coloured peppers, carrot, spring onion, red onion and sweetcorn. Celery is also great in this, but none in there this time.


Topped with canned tuna and a generous dollop of mayo.

All mixed together.


Piled high on a baked potato with a dab of butter, tons of rocket and topped off with Monterey Jack cheddar.


And leftovers saved for today's lunch, served on toasted sourdough with these cute little Cathedral City Cheddar Bites. They hit the 'need for cheese' spot really well.


A great salty, crunchy swap for potato-chips.

What are the first foods you grab when the sun starts to shine?

*This is not a sponsored post.*