Scenes from Saturday

This is our first post and Easter weekend! On Saturday, we started with pancakes, as every good Saturday should.


These ones are cheat pancakes, because a very kind Company made them for us. We grilled them and topped them with butter, streaky bacon and maple syrup. Served with the best Natoora blood oranges. And coffee, always coffee.

The pancakes are really great. Whenever we make pancakes from scratch, we seem to smoke the whole kitchen out, so these are a great alternative to have on hand for a quick fix. They came out fluffy, light and slightly sweet. They really do only need 1-2 minutes under the grill - they cook fast!


I have frozen a few packs and actually they work out great in the toaster from frozen. From fresh, I think they may be a little too flimsy - hence the grill.

After breakfast, I did some reading up on interior design in one of my favourite books. Christiane Lemieux shares the most beautiful photos of every imaginable home decor situation. We are still slowly working our way through the house to put our stamp on everything. Also toying with the idea of a photo gallery on a few walls. Watch this space.

Lunch was a quick cheeseboard. Not much needed after such a huge breakfast, but we do love a cheeseboard. Simple yet so very civilised.


Then we headed out to snag some Easter Eggs for tomorrow's family gathering. Thank goodness there were some left.


We had a lazy afternoon, watching the final few episodes of The Americans. Fingers crossed the final season will be out in the UK soon. There are so many great episodes we've seen recently: Goliath, The Americans, Santa Clarita Diet...we always have a mini panic when a really great one comes to an end as to what we will find to watch next?! 

We grabbed some frozen baguettes to warm up for a dinner sandwich + salad combo. We finally found some Monterey Jack Cheese at Ocado. It is still proving hard to find in the supermarkets in the UK, so hopefully this will change soon. Smoked ham + Monterey Cheese. It's like a less greasy version of cheddar so I can see why it holds up well on pizzas.


A delicious Saturday and all set for a big family Easter Sunday.

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