Easter Sunday

We woke up to the breakfast of dreams on Sunday morning. Well, okay, woke up and slaved over a hot stove to create this feast.


Layers of fresh cherry tomatoes, rocket, fried egg, crisped streaky bacon and sauteed mushrooms on our favourite sourdough bread. It really hit the 'I just woke up and I'm famished' spot.


Served with blush oranges and fresh pressed OJ. Perfect start for us and we hoped not too much before a large meal later in the day.

We arrived at my Mum's ready for the annual egg bashing competition. It's been a tradition since we were kids. Mum paints all the eggs herself. The winner is the person left with an unbroken end. They are hard boiled and it's really difficult to break someone else's egg without your one cracking too.

The contenders:


Here's one of mine from a few years back which I papier mached. Obviously banned from competing.


Here are some other survivors from previous years. You will notice who won last year on the egg cup record...


Dinner first. Mum and Gordon, my Stepdad, cooked up a storm as usual. The roast potatoes were a hit. Super crispy shells and fluffy insides.


So much delicious food. We had roast beef, yorkshire puddings, sprouts, runner beans, roasted carrots and parsnips, cauliflower, broccoli and some vegan and vegetarian delights including Quorn sausages wrapped in bacon and a Quorn Roast. It tastes so much better when someone else has done all the hard work.


Plus gravy, mustard and fresh horseradish for those with a spicier palate (not me)!


It must have been challenging for these guys to stay well behaved. My sister and brother-in-law's dogs, Dexter and Ludo.


They did have doggy Easter chocolate drops for later though. 


Dexter found a new friend. I think he could smell the Chocolate Drops inside.


So many Easter Eggs. Our chocolate stash is full, although Barry made a start on it after lunch. These are the eyes of a man on a sugar high.


After all that food and still managing chocolate, definitely my Hero!


This is the face when Barry is told..."perhaps no more chocolate for now?"


There were puddings too. One made by my Sister-in-Law, Mel, which was pretty incredible. A Vegan Pavlova made using chickpea water to hold the meringue instead of egg-whites. Never heard of it before. It tasted of coconut cream and the meringue was the same as any other in texture.

Mum made St Clement's Cake, which was super zesty, lemony and sweet. I had a small portion of each.


With coffee and cream. So needed! Barry made the mistake of asking a Scotsman for Whisky in his coffee. Let's just say the ratio of whisky to coffee in a Highland Coffee is entirely down to the individual Scotsman. Risky business! I was definitely designated driver.


More Easter gifts. Loved this Lindt Rabbit Hutch.

Children with learning difficulties made clay animals at the Farm my Sister works on.


And more chocolate...


Spring had definitely sprung in Mum's garden. We need to make a start on ours the moment our newly laid turf settles. I would love to get a vegetable garden started this year.

Food all done, it was time for the Egg Bashing to commence!


I selected my contender.


Rabbit! And I got to kick things off, as the reigning 2017 Champion. Barry selected Spider Man and was still washing red felt pen from his hands on Monday!

I won again! Unbelievable. With one end left, the Rabbit conquered! The pointier end remained intact, but Barry was sitting next to me and shattered my tail end.


We had a really great Easter afternoon.

Home for feet up and a Cuppa English Tea. Plus making a start on the chocolate stash.


Dinner really not needed, so I opted for a Gin & Tonic with some snacks.

Now we are living in the same county as the Bombay Sapphire Distillery, it seems only fitting to sample their wares. Star of Bombay is a strong, smooth Gin with a lot of flavour going on from juniper, bergamot, angelica and ambrette. I'm sure I've not tasted half the ingredients individually before, but together they are a symphony in an ice cold glass. One of my absolute favourites, served with the zesty skin of an orange and plenty of ice.


What a great Bank Holiday.

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