Leftovers and Standby's

At the end of the week we regularly turn to our freezer for inspiration. After snow hit the UK in February and March, there was panic buying up and down the country. Nowhere had milk, bread, eggs or bottled water. Since then, we have tried to be fairly apocalypse proof.

When we selected our fridge-freezer, we went LARGE to make sure we had plenty of space. Fridge tour another day, I promise!


Our freezer is one giant pull out drawer - the one at the bottom in the image above. It's a bit like a chest freezer. It's not so deep that we can't find things, but deep enough to hold some decent stock.


There is a shallower drawer on top of the main one . . .


And space in the front for some smaller items too . . . 


We usually shop on a Friday night. 90% of the time, we order from Ocado, for delivery, purely because of how far out in-the-sticks we are now.

Today was filled with leftovers and standby's.

Freezer Croissants stuffed with leftover Easter Egg Chocolate. This should be done at least once a year! I was surprised the chocolate didn't melt more, but milk chocolate can be funny like that, depending on the processing methods used:


Blush oranges, hanging on in there. We sometimes lose the odd one to mould, but this one survived the week beautifully:


Frozen Pizza lunch with some rocket, lasting surprisingly well. These organic leaves last about a week and a half. The producers don't wash the leaves, which apparently helps them last much longer. They are so fresh!

I buy a standard Margarita base and add lots of extras. This one has: black olives, smoked ham, mushrooms, a few fresh tomatoes and rocket.

Barry usually adds: sausage slices, jalapenos, salami, olives and any other meats / greens we have left.


Yogurts have a really good date on them. These are my favourite ones, as they are so thick and creamy, a real treat at the end of the week.


And for dinner . . . red onion and grilled cheese. We always keep sourdough on reserve. I put a couple of slices together in freezer bags, so it's easy to pick them out for a sandwich. Red onions last a long time, so they're a great veggie when everything else has seen it's best. 

Other staple end of week veggies we try to keep around include: peas, carrots, squash and cabbage.


What are your freezer and fridge staples?

*This is not a sponsored post.*