Power-cuts & Castles

It seems we often forget, some of the most beautiful places to visit are right on our doorstep. We regularly find ourselves venturing further afield to get our weekend hit of fun, relaxation or foodie delights.

This weekend, we popped out to Farnham in Surrey. We used to live just a few miles away before we moved to the other side of the county. Even now though, it's only about an hour or so's drive away.


We usually go to Bill's for breakfast, but Castle Street was suffering a power-cut when we arrived. We were turned away from two of our usual favourites; Bill's and Gail's.


We quickly headed towards Lion & Lamb Yard, where Barry knew there was a Cote Brasserie.


We are quick off the mark when breakfast is at stake and power-walked there at top-speed!We were lucky to get a seat, as everyone had the same idea and very soon people were queuing out the door. We were pretty hungry at this point. Mostly me!


I ordered their French Breakfast, which was toasted brioche, crispy bacon, grilled field mushroom, scrambled eggs and I switched the black pudding for extra bacon. It was cooked to perfection and every item was clearly such high quality produce with a huge amount of care taken over the flavours. Best breakfast ever.


Barry ordered a Full English Breakfast, with poached eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, toast and grilled tomatoes. Unfortunately the eggs came out fried and Barry had his heart set on runny poached eggs. But nothing was too much trouble for Cotes! They left Barry with a free sausage while his breakfast was fixed, which was a matter of a few minutes.


And another free sausage arrived with his meal. Someone was not going to need lunch. Or maybe even dinner!


Again, delicious! Every item was so beautifully cooked and the sausages tasted out of this world.

We finished with Coffee and browsed the lunch menu a little. We will definitely be back. They gave us our second round of drinks for free, on top of all the free sausages, completely unprompted. Unexpectedly great customer service and undoubtedly, the best breakfast in town.

We were very grateful for the power-cut as it turned out.

All the buildings in Lion & Lamb Yard are quintessentially British.


We headed across the street to Colony, a fantastic interior design store where we recently purchased our master bedroom furniture.


Love, love, love browsing this store for design ideas. They have some great picture galleries.


Lamps and lighting galore.


Everything laid out just as you would at have it at home and the owner, who is from New Zealand originally, is a really helpful friendly man.


Ginger jars and horses, I was in design heaven.

I adore this sweet giraffe tray and the candle holders.


Barry chose this blue-patterned, cracked effect vase and some trailing artificial flowers for our coffee bar at home.


This wicker basket and the pampas grass looked so great together. Maybe another day because Barry had already selected a surprise for me, while I ran back to the car to put more money on the meter. Time evaporates in places like this.

A GIANT stair mirror. We wondered later, would this work on our huge staircase wall at home. Looks like a repeat visit could be in order soon. Woohoo on all counts!

We made our purchases, dropped them back at the car and headed out in search of Farnham Castle. Another doorstep treat we have never visited.


There was a really pretty house at the top of our climb up to the Castle.

Such amazing views from the highest point.

The water well was fun to look down into and see all the birds nesting there.


This was originally the drawbridge, which had a murder hole just inside. A hole through which they would pour nasty things onto people's heads. Hot oil usually. We heard a Dad asking his children what they thought went through the murder hole, to which they replied worms!!!

We had a great time. A breakfast fit for a King, followed by interior design shopping for the Princess (me!) and a Castle to finish.

Here's my treat from Barry. The perfect sized gold pineapple, which I have been searching for what seems like forever. The perfect accessory for this small stack of books in our living room.


And here's our new vase and trailing plant, in-situ on our coffee bar.

After a quick gym workout, I made dinner. Potato salad with ham and egg. It was just what we needed and so quick to put together. Plus leftovers for tomorrow, always a good move.

Barry had ham off the bone, while I went for chopped oak smoked ham. Mixed with skin-on organic potatoes, boiled to perfection. A dash of Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, fresh parsley, cress and free-range eggs with bright orange yolks. Served warm with fresh tomatoes.

What a day! A fabulous new breakfast venue and a chance to be Queen of the Castle.

*This is not a sponsored post.*