Finally, a Decaf I want to drink

I'm a sucker for a French Press, but I have a confession to make . . .

I think I’m a bit of a coffee wimp! Cue blurred out, artistic photo of the wishy-washy Coffee drinker . . .


Whenever we go out for coffee, I have learned to order a single shot and even then, I sometimes have to ask for extra milk / water to make it drinkable. The tar like stuff they bring out where you cannot see the bottom of the mug? Not for me. I’m looking for flavour, depth and a super-smooth taste; not just a mug-full of blow-your-socks-off bitterness.

My new experiment is with decaf coffee to see if this makes any difference and I think I’ve found a great one. I grabbed a bag on a whim at the supermarket the other day and am really enjoying it.


Everyone says the water extraction method for decaf is best. I honestly don’t know, but this Taylor’s Decaf does have an extraordinarily smooth taste and I had no problem switching it for my usual caffeinated morning brew this week.

To make it extra special, I have been adding a dollop of this cream. It takes it up a notch from my usual choice, which is Almond Milk. Stir well though, it takes a while to mix. Perhaps I'll try double cream next time.


Oat Milk, I tried and failed. I didn’t like the taste at all. The coffee shop near us is a big supporter of oat milk, so maybe I need to see what they do and why they love it so much more than soy / almond. Cow’s milk, sadly not for me. I stopped drinking it when I was a child as the smell alone made me queasy and haven’t touched it since.

To make this decaf into something special, I have been using about a scoop and a half in the Aeropress. For caffeinated coffee, I would usually use 1 flat scoop for one mug. So, it takes a little more coffee to get the intensity I like. Or maybe I could try brewing it for longer.

The jury is still out on instant Decaf's. I tried this Nescafe Gold one, but I'm not 100% sold, they all taste a little weak to me so far! I'll let you know when I find a good one.


Enjoy your week and let me know in the comments, what’s adorning your coffee cup?


*This is not a sponsored post.*