My Staple Sunscreen

There are products I’ll chop and change and there are those I will never mess with. This one falls into the latter bracket as one of my year-round staples. 

Even though I’m slathering this product on every exposed area of skin now the sun is out, I also use it on my face throughout the year. I love that it’s organic, natural and has a great herbal aroma too.  A gorgeous scent is a must for me when it comes to skincare.


Most importantly, it’s fantastic at keeping my skin from burning, which as a natural redhead is essential. All boxes ticked.


Jurlique do some wonderful products and you really could get carried away (£££), but for me, this is my one must have. I have also tried and love their Rose Moisture Plus, which is so dewy it disappears in seconds and the scent will blow you away.

But, I am a total coconut oil addict when it comes to inexpensive, full body moisturising, face included. If I have to put my money somewhere, I prefer to splurge on a really good sunscreen and stick with my super large jar of organic coconut oil for everything else.

Given the chance, I would be out in the garden picking plants and mixing them with oils to make my own concoctions. Mum often reminds me of the times I would pick lavender, rose petals and herbs from the end of our garden growing up. I’d ask her to help me boil them to make some truly strange smelling pans of what I referred to as perfumes. Then I would insist everyone try them. I think I had a bit of witch / apothecarist in me!


What’s your favourite sunscreen and why?

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