Super Quick Garlic Pizza Bites

We were out of fresh food this weekend and I was so hungry! I used up all my tears watching the beautiful Royal Wedding, and energy stores were getting low. What's a girl to do?

I must confess, breakfast had kept me full until way after the Wedding. It looked like this . . .


We have a bit of an addiction to garlic mushrooms at the moment. Honestly, we both said one slice of toast each would have been plenty, but Saturday breakfast is always epic in our household.

After watching the wedding, I rooted through the freezer and found some garlic bread! Mini victory. Cheese and Passata on hand I put these garlicky pizza bites together in no time.


Perfection! This is pizza at it's best. Buttery, garlic pizza bread as the base, which melts in the mouth. Topped with passata and frozen mozarella cheese (we freeze ready-grated mozarella to stop it from moulding).

We headed out to our sun-filled garden for a cuppa coffee. As you can see, the lawn is a tad scorched at the moment, so we had a weekend off mowing it. Phew!


One must excuse one wearing one's PJ's in the afternoon, but the Royal Wedding build up was way too good to miss! Did you see all the celebrities in their finest?

One also decided that she would cut oneself a fringe last week. Bangs are all the rage this year apparently, and I fancied a change. Apparently, they're as good as a face lift. Thank you to my friends for all the compliments I have received. This is a lunchtime photo from work, as the reflection in my glasses seems to highlight quite well. I may have needed a quick car-nap to catch up on sleep Friday lunchtime.


Hope you had a fun filled weekend.

*This is not a sponsored post.*