Saved our Bacon

Shameful. Yes, truly. Live blogging tonight and we had a fridge full of nothing when I peered in on it earlier. Some lonely looking bacon, two puddings leftover from a meal deal and freezer bread. It's been an exhausting week of work, puppy shopping, late nights and early starts. Food planning went on a giant one-way trip out of the window.


Barry saved our bacon. A cup of English Tea in my favourite bone china set. Tea always cheers me up, especially when it's the prelude to a bacon sandwich. 

Thank you, Barry, for the bacon sandwich dreams are made of :-) How he manages to keep going after a 14 hour day door-to-door falls outside the realms of my understanding.


We've been puppy accessory shopping this week and we're all set for when our girl arrives. Five more weeks until collection day, how am I going to make it! I've been keeping the cats away from all the soft bedding for our puppy, as they would be only too happy to climb in / on and snuggle.

Barry drew the line at pink collars, leashes and harnesses. Humph. After much sulking, I finally went for black and grey and saved the pink for bedding and blankets. I'll do a full post with affiliate links to all her favourites nearer the time. Amazon has 'saved our bacon' when it comes to fast delivery of everything our puppy could possibly want and need.

She even has her own cupboard. I've been stocking up on puppy food in advance and all kinds of things my Sister, Sara, helped me pick out. Sara has two dogs of her own, so thankfully she sent me a list of must haves.


Our Ocado delivery arrived right on schedule tonight. I always order for later in the evening in case Barry is on the late train, as he often is. Perfect for a full-fridge weekend. Plus it's Bank Holiday in the UK this weekend, so bacon saved again! Thank you Ocado. 

No one wants to visit the supermarket on bank holiday weekend, the traffic alone is enough to ground us. That and the lawn which is now swaying in the breeze in our back garden. I have a suspicion it's going to be a very outdoorsy weekend for us.


We received a free tea-towel with our order tonight. Really quite a sweet free gift.

And so to bed. Happy almost Friday.

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