The Best Butchers in Town

Weekend blog-post just around the corner, but I simply had to share my lunch with you before we get there.

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. Me. With pork scratchings on top. Well, on the side anyway.

There's a well reputed, multiple award winning Butcher’s nearby to work and two of us popped there today to try their Steak Bar. In fact, my friend has been there before and recommended their sandwiches to me emphatically.

Everyone who works at Uptons of Bassett is really friendly and the whole place is so clean. Nothing like the Butchers I remember from when I was a girl. I used to hold my breath as we approached the doorways and pray I could hold it long enough to take another breath in before the next Butchers. There was literally no aroma at all today and we were surrounded by meats.

Well, nothing is going to live up to this again. Peruvian chicken, marinated in the most divine sauce and cooked in front of us. Served warm with avocado, tomato, crunchy lettuce, red onion and mayonnaise. The bread was so soft in all the right places, chewy in all the right places and downright delicious. I'm craving a return visit just looking at this image.


I have no idea how the chicken was cooked, but there was definitely ginger and some subtle sweetness and stickiness going on.

And some bonus pork scratchings to take home for Barry! I tried a few, but ran out of room fast. And time too! We were almost a half hour late back to the office. Oops. Saved only by the fact I started an hour early this morning, so I figured they wouldn't mind.

These scratchings were melt in the mouth, crunchy and soft like marrow bone. So fresh.


Thank you, Uptons of Bassett, for the best lunch experience I can remember. No wonder they have 5 stars on tripadvisor right now.

I also picked out an Italian Scotch Egg for the weekend, which I'll let you know about when Barry gets to raiding the fridge snacks.

*This is not a sponsored post.*