Preparing for Puppy

Our Puppy is arriving in a little over 4 weeks, so we've been prepping like crazy this weekend. There's a lot more to do to make our home 100% safe and chew proof, but for now, we're content we have everything either in place or in mind for collection day.

Amazon has been a life saver for puppy accessories. Please find links below for the items we have bought or are soon to buy. It's getting exciting now!


Next weekend, we plan to crawl around our rooms at puppy level to check for chew-able items. Knee pads at the ready! Top of the list is trunking all electrical cables away in the rooms which won't be gated off. There are not too may cables to address fortunately, as most of them are firmly hidden behind heavy furniture.

We've also been researching introducing a new puppy to cats. Time and patience at the ready! 

Exciting times. And a lot to learn.


Credit: Puppy photo by Rosalind of Maltipoo babies.

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