Midweek Update

It was a weekend of bready-meals for us. Sammies and bread stuffs galore. We can never resist a pack of crumpets and with enough butter for bite marks to be visible, these were a delicious crunchy start to our Saturday.


The Uptons of Bassett Italian Scotch Egg, from this post, was even better than expected. And expectations were already running high from the lunch they served up last Friday. Runny yolk in the middle; I love when they do that.

We started taking a look at our Family Room, which adjoins the Kitchen, and finally decided to move our table back into the corner. This leaves plenty of room for our Puppy Crate to exist on the other side and gives us a perfect corner nook to start styling.

These blank walls are soon to be galleried!

We spent a good hour collecting different pictures, frames, mirrors and art pieces from around the house and realised we don't need to shop for much at all. We have so many pieces of artwork we love already. All that's left to do, is work out what will go where and I may give a few of the frames a lift / lighten with some chalk paint.


There were lots of Sandwiches this weekend and bacon was the shining star. I now realise why a whole pack disappeared so fast! Just bacon is fine with me. IMHO, not much needs to be jumping between the bread with bacon. Mushrooms at a push. Good bacon should be able to stand on it's own two feet. Our current favourite is Denhay's streaky bacon.

Bacon and mushroom - yum! These par-frozen baguettes are so great to have on standby. They always taste like fresh baked bread. These ones are from Waitrose's own range.


Another perfect bacon Sammie, thank you Barry, egg on the side. This was Sunday's offering.

In our defence, this was pre-lawn mowing and very much needed for energy. Four hours of mowing the lawn and even with my insulin fully switched off an hour before and a whole banana before starting, my blood sugars were tanking repeatedly. I got through 4 cartons of juice to make it through about half the lawn. Then Barry had to ignore his man-flu and come to my rescue.

We must address this excess of lawn situation soon! Flower beds. Larger Patio. Robot Lawn Mower. I am not fussy - anything to get rid of some of this grass! Pre-strimming photo below. Avatar eat your heart out. 


I have Barry's Mum & Dad on the case. They've promised to set some cuttings and perennials aside for us. The plan is to start gradually carving out flower beds next weekend, filling them with plants as we go. This way, it gives us the incentive to keep going, allows us to learn to take care of the plants section-by-section and we can set aside a bit of money each month for plants. Just getting rid of corners saves so much time on lawn mowing, it's incredible.

Post lawn-mowing Ham, Cheese & Rocket Sammie at the ready. I'm not sure I even tasted this one, so much as inhaled it.


And a perfectly square dinner, with protein, carbs and veggies. We are still carving our way through the freezer food we filled up on after moving into our new home earlier this year. I always feel like if it's not eaten within 4 months, we should really start considering whether it was a good purchase.

These chicken breasts, also Waitrose, were cheese covered and bacon stuffed. They came out really well.


I think our cushion cat had his eye on Barry's plate!

Full Gallery post to follow as soon as we get that baby up on the wall. We can't wait!

*This is not a sponsored post.*