Dinner with the Dragon

We found an amazing place to eat yesterday in a sweet little country village on the way home from a day out in the sunshine. This Pub / Restaurant is part of a chain, which in our experience, can spell trouble. However, of all the places I have eaten to date, this ranks in the Top 2. It was incredible and we are still reeling from the experience today.

Outstanding produce and someone in the kitchen who really knows what they're doing with their well-sourced ingredients. 

The name of the chain is Bel and the Dragon. Well worth a visit if you ever get the chance.

Photos courtesy of my iPhone as my camera was safely tucked up at home! 

We started with Green Olives; the best I've ever had. They were pits in and super crunchy. So fresh tasting.


I didn't feel like a huge meal as it was such a hot day. Plus for great blood sugar control I tend to opt for a pile of veggies, not too heavy on the carbs and some protein. This makes a 'square meal, which gives me good control. I decided to use my usual trick of ordering a selection of starters and sides. Best decision ever!

I went for the duck salad, which I am sure they increased the size of, but still charged me as if it were a starter. It had radish and mango, which gave it just the right amount of sweetness, crunch and pepper. Toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds made the whole thing sing.


Barry went for Pizza, straight from their outdoor Pizza Oven. We opted to sit inside as we had enough heat when mowing the lawn for 3 hours in the morning. Plus their garden was absolutely packed.

This was the Full English Breakfast Pizza, minus ketchup. Barry ordered some fresh chilli's instead to sprinkle over. It was a little like watching Russian roulette! 


The sides I ordered were so delicious, yet so simple. Sugar snap peas and runner beans, dressed with butter, salt and pepper. We devoured the lot, they were so beautifully cooked. It's a rarity to eat such perfect al dente vegetables. They tasted as though they had only just been picked, they were that fresh.


Plus the softest, most buttery Jersey Royal potatoes. Melt in the mouth with mint and butter. We could have had a meal of just veggies and been completely satisfied.


Here I am sat in front of the fireplace. This will be a wonderful place to visit in the depths of Winter. I can imagine eating a delicious Roast Dinner here on a Sunday evening in front of the fire with the old, rustic wooden beams and country charm.


Barry was pretty hungry as he did the Lion's share of the gardening today. His absolute favourite dessert is Eton Mess and right at the top of the menu, there it was. Winking seductively at him.



I had a spoonful to try and the berries were fresh and naturally sweet, with sprigs of chopped mint throughout, sweet homemade gooey meringue and plenty of whipped cream and sauce. 


We had a lovely walk around the village and found some great walks for another day.

We will most definitely be back!

*This is not a sponsored post.*