Help yourself at the Farm

I popped to a local Friday morning market recently and picked up some delicious organic vegetables. I got to chatting with the stallholder, who told me he owns an organic farm just a few miles down the road. He was telling me all about the different fruits and veggies they have on offer throughout the year and invited me to pop along to the shop and take a look around. 'Honk your horn as you pull up if you need any help' were his parting words. 

It was not far at all, nestled on one of the most beautiful country roads I've ever driven. Easy to find and no one there but me. 


The Farm Shop was a doors wide open, wooden shack, brimming with organic produce. 


I saw what the owner meant about 'toot your horn'. They had a sweet sign up, saying to help yourself, tot up your bill and leave the money in their drop box. So quaint and unusual for ex-City Folk. We are very much in the country now.

I was happy to find them equipped with paper and a pen to tot up my selections and pleased I had my iPhone calculator with me. A mathemetician I am not.


I loved that everything was labelled to say it had been grown out back or shipped in, where weather was not yet permitting. A lady came out and chatted with me after a while to let me know they will have much more home-grown stock available, as soon as the sun sticks around. Fresh strawberries are on their way!


Here's what I came home with, feeling very virtuous about my local, organic shop.


The tomatoes were so fragrant and a meal in themselves.

Loved the mud covered potatoes. I realised we never get them with mud on from a Supermarket nowadays. They're always so clean and sterile. These were fantastic fun to rinse off in cold water and boil with butter and herbs. They reminded me of the potatoes Dad used to grow in the garden when we were kids. That earthy smell was so tantalising.


Last weekend, we delayed our food shopping delivery until Saturday night, instead of our usual Friday drop-off.

Big mistake! Saturday morning, we went in search of breakfast and the cupboards were bare. No eggs! Catastrophe.

We drove back over to the Farm Shop and picked up eggs, fruit and salad and cobbled this together.

Their salad leaves are to die for. I have no idea what half the leaves in there are, but Barry and I sit and explore the different flavours one by one.

Until we get our own organic garden off the ground, we are going to be regulars here. Perhaps even then!

*This is not a sponsored post.*