Weekend Roundup

Our lawn is looking amazing. We can't quite believe the difference in just a week of using a Robot Lawnmower. Besides the fact we have our weekends back, the grass is thicker, greener and a joy to look at. But having our weekends back is definitely the main selling point for us. We are in love with house and garden robots right now.

I'll introduce our vacuum cleaner later this week.

I even did the edges of the grass using our new tool. It took me a few goes to get all the way round, mostly because we'd let it get so long. Now it's going to be a breeze to maintain.

Freezer pancakes featured for breakfast this weekend, with butter, bacon and maple syrup; the perfect sidekicks. We get the Genesis Crafty Pancakes. They're always turn out perfectly, no flipping required, and are great to have on hand. I don't mind making our own if I have time to spare, but these just go in the toaster straight from the freezer and come out tip-top in minutes. We add them to our Ocado delivery every now and again and save them for lazy weekends.

Grade A Maple Syrup, this one is delicious. It pours fast though, so take it steady.

Coffee. Real weekend coffee. This is always welcome in our world.

Oh, my gosh it's cheeseboard weather. I mean when isn't it cheeseboard weather?

We have two of these Olive wood cheeseboards, which were a gift a few Christmas's back. They get a lot of use and have held up really well.


So many different combinations we can go for and there are no rules. Except one maybe. Cheese should always be crumbled and not in a solid block or it seems so uninviting to guests. Always cut some off and scatter it about if you decide to do a cheeseboard evening for friends with drinks and nibbles. Top tip, which I'm pretty sure Mireille Guilliano was responsible for.


My favourite crackers are Cornish Wafers, because they are so buttery tasting. These Doria ones are great too. Salty and super-crunchy, the perfect accompaniment to cheese.

Love dried fruit and nuts with cheese and olives. Two types of Olives, because we love them so much. Pits in Nocarella and garlic stuffed Halkidiki.


We usually enjoy a cheeseboard as either a starter, or as a meal in itself. If it's a starter, it slows us down for the main course, which can be made smaller as a result. They work out great for late evenings, when Barry is on the last train home.

As this cheeseboard was almost a meal in itself, I just added some fresh corn on the cob, which became the prelude to our cheeseboard. So sweet and smothered in butter, naturally ;-)


Every good cheeseboard requires wine. It is essential.

Pink Moscato, in any variety, has become our Summer favourite. It's like alcoholic fruit juice and such an easy wine to drink with so many dishes. 

Grilled cheese happened this weekend and may well become a new weeknight staple. Served alongside soup to give it healthful company, of course. We're addicted.

Kath, from the infamous Kath Eats, gave me a tip on how to make grilled cheese Barefoot Contessa style a few weeks back and what can I say but, WOW! I spread the outside in butter and sprinkled a little garlic powder over. Sharp cheddar on the inside, obviously. And fried in a dry pan over a medium heat for as long as it takes for the inside to be melting and the outside to become a crisp buttery shell.

Please try it! I insist.

Finally, stir fry. Another firm favourite for speedy, summery, spectacular-ness.

This was mango-lime chicken skewers (thank you, Waitrose) with Mushroom stir-fry and fresh egg noodles. It sang and was so satiating we didn't need another thing all night. Except the remainder of the Pink Moscato, which seems to go well with just about anything!


We're so excited to have what we think are House-martin's nesting on one of our windows. They're adorable and fairly noisy in the mornings. Fortunately it's a spare room, so they're not waking us up with their chirruping. Maybe there are babies in there already?

We're being really careful to stay away from the window and leave them be as much as possible. Their nest is beautiful in itself and I love seeing them darting back-and-forth.

Happy Monday to you all.


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