Heartbreak's & Happy Birthdays

We received bad news on friday about our little puppy to be. We were going to name her Olive, but sadly the breeder contacted us to let us know she has a serious heart murmur. So, little Olive will be going to live with the breeders' Mum, as they have a vet locally who is a friend of the family and can take really good care of her. 

After much talking, a lot of crying, on my part, and deliberation, we chose one of the remaining boy puppies. This is our little fella here. He's from a different litter so we are 3 weeks away from collection day.

Photos courtesy of Maltipoo Babies.


And a more recent photo here.

It was Barry's birthday on Saturday, so as our puppy visit was postponed, we popped to the Cinema to see Jurassic World, which was fantastic.

We drove to Winchester for the day to try out Coffee Lab, finally! The number of Coffee Houses in Winchester is phenomenal and we always seem to miss this one out somehow.


They have two entrances, this is the smaller of the two and we were happy to just grab a coffee and sit and while the day away for 5 mins.

Delicious coffee, it was downed in seconds! Very much needed after a few hours of sitting in the cinema.


We went onto Dim T for a late lunch. 

Love all the lanterns in this restaurant. The staff are always friendly, great service and reasonably priced fresh food. It's one of our favourite places to eat.

A couple very in need of food! 


We ordered tea to start. It's supposed to be great paired with Dim Sum. Barry had Oolong and I went for Jasmine flowering tea. Mine was really pretty in the glass, but the Oolong won hands down on taste.


Chicken, Cashew and Coriander Dim Sum for me and Pork Bao Buns for Barry. Both delicious, but the Dim Sum were not going to be as hard hitting on my sky-rocketing blood sugars. The Bao Buns are quite stodgy, sticky and sweet.

I made the mistake of not eating from breakfast time through to 4pm, when we finally made it here. Blood sugars tend to do a bit of a crazy thing after fasting and soar the moment I eat. So I ordered as wisely as possible in preparation.

I was plodding along at 4.6mmol/L all afternoon, until the Dim Sum. Usually, it wouldn't do this to me if lunch wasn't so late. We ate slowly and I ordered soup for main. Pasta / noodles are really slow to digest, giving me a chance to walk some of the carbs off.

Here's my main. Chicken Gyoza parcels in soup with fresh egg noodles.

And Barry went for Japanese Fried Rice, which is really sweet and delicious.

As you can see, when we left to walk back to the car, I was a little high, but there's no sense in panicking as the insulin takes about 1-2 hours to reach it's full potential. Extra insulin here would be a mistake, so instead we walked.


And on the ride home it suddenly shifts...

And as we get home it's decision time - is it going to stop dropping? I decided no and had a coffee with sugar and a very small slice of lemon pie.

Mainly because I started to feel like this. Which generally means a low is on it's way. This crazed look is not essential, but it does help those close to you to know what's happening. So wear it with an inward smile. 


Balanced, just in time. Phew!


We also bought this amazing new piece of artwork this weekend. My Dad painted this and we absolutely love it. We popped in to see them on Sunday, and he mentioned his art was on show at a local Village Hall. We simply had to stop in. We stood among the art critics, admiring the works and commenting vocally on Dad's masterpieces.

Dad's 'Fantasy Island' painting; soon to adorn our hallway. Artwork to be proud of.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend :-)

*This is not a sponsored post.*