Stay Put™ Review

So, did the Stay Put, stay put? 

Here's my initial post on applying these medical patches. They're designed to help medical devices, like insulin pump infusion sets and Continuous Glucose Meter (CGM) sensors, to stay stuck for longer.

Here's one freshly applied:


First up, I love, love, love that they come in pink. I mean, there are other colours available too, but pink is by far my favourite. Transparent patches are great, but go big or go home I say. People notice these things anyway, so why not surround them in pink and give them something bright and cheerful to look at?

Barry came home from work the other day to see the robot lawn lower trimming the grass; the robot vacuum cleaner working on the kitchen floor and me, applying a new Dexcom sensor to my left thigh. His first remark was:

"Wow! This is great! Even my wife's a Cyborg!"

Best line ever.

Back to the patches. After 7 days, this is what my Stay Put patch looked like:


In the world of medical device patches, this is a great result. The Dexcom adhesive has loosened a little and started to crinkle, but the Stay Put patch has kept it stuck. A little ruffled around the edges, but this has been through daily showers, at least 3 baths, exercise and all the usual daily activities. Not bad, eh?

This is prime thigh real estate you're seeing here. I cropped vigorously to spare you!

I usually follow Dexcom's recommended sites for CGM sensors, but thigh is fine when other areas need a break. And mine do. I have also used the recommended tummy sites, as well as arms without any hitches.

I decided to try switching the patch for a new one after 7 days to see how easy it was to remove and replace one without dislodging the CGM sensor adhesive. That's the white sticker part you can see in the images.

And it worked! I just cut through it and removed it by peeling it away from the centre all the way round. This is vastly different to the transparent patches I was using previously. Once stuck they were not removable without peeling the entire sensor off, so they had to stay on for the duration. This resulted in pretty ugly patches with a lot of clothing fluff stuck on them!

This Stay Put patch did have Skin Tac on it because I decided to add some for extra stickiness on my first application, so I was surprised it came off without any problems.


Barry re-applied a new one for me without any Skin Tac this time, to see how it would hold without.

A week later and . . . still holding perfectly. I managed an easy two weeks out of this sensor and decided to change it for a new one at this point. With no Skin Tac needed this time, so another cost saving.


My Stay Put summary is . . .

Yes! They really do stay put!

They are also trimmable to any size without fraying, they do not irritate my skin like the transparent patches, some of which give me a horrendous rash. All in all, I am over the moon with them so far.

And maybe next time I will go for another colour so I can rotate the rainbow on my sticker loving Cyborg body parts.

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