Saying Goodbye to Work

Yesterday was my last day at work and I was thoroughly spoiled. Today, I am completely exhausted from all the emotion and goodbyes. I was so overwhelmed with all they did for me and will miss the team very much.

Here are the beautiful flowers I was given, which I'm about to arrange into several vases . . . 

My desk completely covered in gifts. The lady in charge of gift buying knew exactly what she was doing! And everything matched. I had pink tissue paper, butterflies everywhere and all my favourite girly things.


Gin, gin and more gin related pressies. Alcohol is temporarily blood sugar lowering, in my defence. Plus a wonderful bottle of Champagne (yummy!), a free photo shoot when puppy arrives and a gorgeous pen for my blogging notes.

And, finally, as I am the kiss of death for plants - Orchids! These I do well with. The one on the left hand-side was from my Mum when we first moved in and has survived since at least February. Going strong! If I keep them close together, maybe success will breed success?!

Thank you to all my colleagues for a wonderful day, one which I will remember forever. 

Happy Hump Day :-)

*This is not a sponsored post*