My Diabetes Go Bags

These bags are essential to life with Type 1 Diabetes. Coco-Chanel is a close second, but in this case, it really is what's on the inside that counts. As long as I can pick it up quickly and all my gear is all in one place, I'm happy.

If it so happens to be pretty / cute, it’s a bonus.

This is not a sponsored post for Superdry, though they really should get in touch. Their bags just so happened to be in the right place, at the right time and the perfect size for my two Go Bags. Plus they're pretty cute looking too.

I have one bag for a few nights away and one for I'm just out for the day. I always have a fully loaded insulin pen plus needles in whichever handbag I'm taking with me, so these are in support of that.

This week, I actually did forget everything and for the first time ever, I pulled my infusion set out accidentally. At work. On my last day! Fortunately, I had my trusty spare pen with me and could just take hourly injections to keep stable until I got home. Plus I let two people know what had happened just in case.

So, I got my go bags in order again!

Here's a content list for the large bag:



  1. Spare test strips
  2. Spare lancets – because we all change those as regular as clockwork, don’t we fellow PWD’s?
  3. Insulin pens x 2 in different colours:  in case my pump decides to flatline on me
  4. Insulin pen vials: long and short acting (not shown as they are in the fridge keeping cool)
  5. Spare insulin bottle for my pump (also in the fridge)
  6. Spare blood glucose meter
  7. Spare batteries for pump
  8. Charger cable for Dexcom receiver (not shown)
  9. A good ole’ fashioned syringe
  10. Ketostix
  11. Infusion Sets x 4
  12. Reservoirs x 4
  13. Dextrose or Jelly Babies or both!
  14. A handful of Stay Put patches
  15. Pump infusion set shields - in case of swimming
  16. Needles for pens

If I was going away for longer, I’d be taking a lot more kit with me. Dexcom spares galore, plus spares of everything listed and probably a backup for the backup too. This is not like forgetting your socks!

I made a flower from them for you! This took ages. Let me just say, standing micro-fine needles on their plastic coated tips in a leaf shape . . . not something I thought I would ever be doing. And turned out more like a game of dominoes.


Here's my smaller kit for a literal, I'm popping to the shops outing.


  1. Ketostix
  2. Insulin pen with insulin vial
  3. Pen needles
  4. Lancets
  5. Sta Put patch
  6. Reservoirs
  7. Infusion sets
  8. Test strips
  9. Plus my usual bottle of insulin for the pump
  10. Dextrose / jelly babies in my handbag and car - always!

Pretty cute on the reverse too . . .

Plus room to spare . . .

And always a reminder for when I'm on the run - don't forget the insulin!

It would be lovely to leave the house with nothing but a cute clutch, but let's face it - fashion over function this is not. We need a selection of stock, supplies and stuff!

Happy weekend to you all.

*This is not a sponsored post and no affiliate links.*