Our Garden Robot

This is Part 1 of our gardening and interior design extravaganza weekend. Part 2 to follow later this week.

We were up at 5:30 of the a.m. variety on Saturday for no other reason than the sun was pitching in through our window and we had so much to get done. Our body clocks are on an early timer all week, so this happens sometimes, especially in the warmer months. Afternoon naps at the ready!

So, we have gone all Artificial Intelligence and decided to get the Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawn Mower to assist with our weekly garden nightmare. We are both over the moon. We really loathe lawn mowing more than any other chore.


We didn’t realise things had moved along this far until chatting and researching. We were in desperate need of a new mower anyway, so for the extra cost we thought, why not. They have come down in price significantly recently. 

4 hours plus of lawn mowing, raking, trips to the tip and sweeping up does not make for a relaxing, fun or happy weekend. And it was every single weekend. Otherwise the chore becomes even more time consuming, laborious and exhausting, truth be told.

Weeding, I love! Planting new flowers, adore it! Composting, garden designing or fence painting, I can slip into a dream-like state and enjoy every moment. But mowing the lawn? Put me to sleep, give me anything else to do, but please, please not this! We’ve booked holidays before to escape mowing the lawn.

Eventually, we intend to switch out half of the lawn for patio slabs, flower-beds and veggies patches. In the meantime, though, this machine is going to be a lifesaver. All that will remain is tidying up the edges, which I can definitely get into.

Here it is in all its glory straight from the box.

We spent an hour or so setting up all the boundary wires around the garden and working out how to lay the guide wire. The guide wire creates a corridor for the mower to be able to find its way back to base. Barry did most of the banging in of pegs while I unwound the cable and followed instruction manuals and videos.


We will bury the cables eventually, as soon as we get our garden design ideas finalised and are just left with the lawn we intend to keep.

Here it goes! It is hilarious to watch and you’ll find yourself following it around the garden cheering it on. It mows in a random fashion so I’m not sure how long it will take for it to cover the whole lawn, but on the first night it had done about 70% of it in just a few hours.


If it’s used regularly, there’s no need to rake up the grass which falls as result of cutting it. No more trips to the tip to get rid of garden waste, it just falls onto the lawn and mulches back into the ground. This provides extra nutrients for the lawn and should result in healthier, greener, lusher looking grass.


If you watch the video they have on Amazon, they have handled all the concerns you may have. Great objection handling! Only time will tell how often we need to use it and how long it takes to cover all the grass.

And here it is arriving back to base all on its own when it needs to charge. Brilliant!


I kid you not when I say the robotic vacuum cleaner is also on its way and Barry is fairly determined to get a robotic mop too. Reviews to follow as and when they arrive and we get to grips with them.

We draw the line at robotic pets though. Our Puppy is coming in less than 4 weeks now and she is growing up fast. We get to meet her soon. Here’s our latest photo from Rose at Maltipoo Babies.


Stay tuned for Part 2, where I'll show you our super thrifty flower beds and we finally started our Family Room gallery wall. It's been a learning experience.


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