Part 2: Home Inside & Out

Our Robot Lawn Mower is going strong and this evening he has cut about 90% of our grass once over. I estimate we’ve had him running for about 9 hours so far.

I say he, because we have affectionately named our Robot, Willehelm, which I thought was a female name, but I stand corrected. It’s a German male name apparently; a resolute protector. I just imagine him charging at the grass, head down, shield up—with reckless abandon!

Edges not yet done. I'm waiting on a new tool tomorrow so I can get to them.


The random pattern, Willehelm (A.K.A. The Flymo 1200r) uses is equally fun as it is frustrating. Fun, because I've spent most nights following him around jumping for joy every time he hits a new patch of grass. Frustrating, because I would love a remote control to guide him. But, it’s an entry level Robot and for the price and performance, we have no complaints. He’s a fantastic piece of kit.

Here’s what else happened at home last weekend. We made a flower-bed! Our first of many to come. Plants below all lined up ready.


The initial plan was to reduce the lawn size as much as possible. This is still the end goal, even though Willehelm is on the case. We want more colour and style in our garden and have major plans underway.

Our flower-bed came for free because all the plants were either in pots and came with us when we moved, or they were gifted to us. Barry’s Mum & Dad patiently took us around their garden while we picked out all the plants we wanted. Barry then shaped this flower-bed; we removed the turf and dug holes for plants. It was pretty exhausting.


Inside the house—our Gallery is finally underway. I've painted frames in colours that popped and some which very quickly wound up in the bin. We've had struggles and challenges galore. But we're a great team and we've overcome it all while laughing our way through the traumas like a couple of teenagers. Standard us really!

Work in progress below . . . 


Our little helper . . .


We had holes which went into metal—even though the wall metal detector picked up nothing at all. We were so careful to check it all first. Our Home Builders gave us one which seemed to be working fine when tested over sockets and metals. But turns out it’s fit only for the waste bin, as it clearly cannot sense metal through walls on any of the settings. Broken!


We had a picture which fell off the wall altogether—soon to be replaced. If you decide to use these (linked) amazing sticky adhesive picture pads, it is best to attach them to the actual wood/structure of the frame and not the tape holding the back of the frame together. Which we apparently didn’t notice. We live and learn!

And finally, a frame which disintegrated on us altogether. Brilliant! We knew the frame was cheap when we chose the picture, but loved the image so much we had to have it. After putting picture wire through the fixings on the back, it literally fell to pieces in our hands. We managed to just about save the glass, with only a small dink in one corner. I bought a new frame from Amazon and we made it good again.

But all that aside, here it is so far. Tah-dah!


As soon as we get our Gallery and table décor finished I’ll share our final photos. We are so very nearly there. I want to change out a plastic tablecloth for a runner and a few final additions to the gallery. 


My favourite image is the Cow, glaring down at us as we eat our dinner. It felt a little ironic as we ate chilli con carne last night!

I love that we can see it's eye reflected in our sunburst mirror too.


Happy Hump Day to you all :-)


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